Lucky & Agile Animals Who Escaped Becoming Food


Who wants a big, juicy steak tonight?! Our guess is, well – everyone! Except vegetarians, of course. Nevertheless, eating meat is extremely commonplace in the world we live in, especially in the animal kingdom. For our animal friends, however, finding dinner to eat is a much more difficult task. In the wild, predators and prey have to fight day after day for survival and food to eat. Of course, this battle is part of the nature, and makes the food chain what it is, but it’s not every day that predators catch their prey successfully. Sometimes, lucky and agile animals can escape being turned into food by a mere millisecond, showing us that they’re not ready to die just yet! Here is a crazy selection showing some lucky and agile animals who escaped becoming food. Enjoy!

#1 Wow!

Sorry, but I’ve gotta do the school run with the kids.


#2 Close Call

At least the seal managed to get a good view of the horizon for the first time in his life!


#3 Sitting On The Enemy

Keep still, keep very still…


#4 The Attack

She’s black, she’s white, and boy, she’s fast!


#5 The Fox And The Mouse

Hey, come back here! I just wanted to say hi…


#6 Time To Fly

I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky…


#7 Get Out Of Here

This huge polar bear sure knows how to drive the seals out of his territory!


#8 Keep Walking

Now that was a lucky escape.


#9 Dance!

And now it’s time for a dance-off with a snake to avoid becoming its next meal.


#10 Jesus Christ!

This ninja mouse is fearless enough to challenge an animal one-hundred times its size, and we admire that greatly.


#11 The Great Escape

Face the fact, my friend… you cannot always be the fastest one.


#12 Somebody Help Me…

Looks like Happy Feet’s having a Monday morning from Hell. Let’s hope he escapes!


#13 Big Mouth

That awkward moment when you realize your snack’s still alive, and will do anything he can to not be eaten.


#14 The Hungry Hyena

As you can see below, Hyenas do more than just sit around and giggle all day.


#15 I’ll Be Watching You

“Every breath you take
Every move you make
Every bond you break
Every step you take…”


#16 Big Head

I’m in a rush, get outta my way!


#17 The Fast Salmon

Come to Papa! No, wait…


#18 Focus

Keep the focus, keep the focus…


#19 Come On, Salmon!

Kids, dinner is on the table… be quick!


#20 Let’s Swim

Come on, Mr Elephant, it’s the perfect time to go for a swim….