Lucky & Agile Animals Who Escaped Becoming Food


Who wants a big, juicy steak tonight?! Our guess is, well – everyone! Except vegetarians, of course. Nevertheless, eating meat is extremely commonplace in the world we live in, especially in the animal kingdom. For our animal friends, however, finding dinner to eat is a much more difficult task. In the wild, predators and prey have to fight day after day for survival and food to eat. Of course, this battle is part of the nature, and makes the food chain what it is, but it’s not every day that predators catch their prey successfully. Sometimes, lucky and agile animals can escape being turned into food by a mere millisecond, showing us that they’re not ready to die just yet! Here is a crazy selection showing some lucky and agile animals who escaped becoming food. Enjoy!

#1 Wow!

Sorry, but I’ve gotta do the school run with the kids.