Lucky B*st*rd! People Who Know Exactly What The Word ‘Luck’ Means


Luck: Some people have it all, whereas some people barely get the chance to experience a lucky day. Whichever your situation may be, the fact is that it’s essential for everyone to experience a stroke of luck at some points in their lives, especially during those times when it seems like everything is going wrong. So, just to inspire you lovely folks to start feeling those lucky vibes, we created a hilarious selection of a few fellas that will make you shout “Lucky b*stard!” repeatedly at your computer screen. So, sit back, enjoy, and most of all… good luck!

#1 Shark Attack

Now this is what we call luck! This diver was feeding some sharks, and consequently testing his luck. And, for his own safety, his luck was working, otherwise, he would lose at least a leg, and attract all the other sharks in the water by the stench of his blood. Phew!