Make Your Clothes Last Longer With These Genius Hacks


With these genius hacks, make your clothes last longer!  For cheapskate hacks for when you need to be stingy, click here.

#1 Avoid buttons from popping.

To keep buttons from popping, use clear nail polish on top of them.

Avoid buttons from popping.

#2 Keep the shape of your sweaters.

Hate those bumps on your knits from hangers?  Learn the fold-hang technique here.

Keep the shape of your sweaters.

#3 Don’t stretch out your bras.

Hook your bra from the back.  It will stretch out if you hook it from the front and then turn it around.

Don't stretch out your bras.

#4 Prevent snags in the wash.

To avoid snags in the wash, close all zippers first.  Open zippers will snag other fabrics while agitation is ongoing in the washing machine.

Prevent snags in the wash.

#5 Protect yourself from your bra’s peeking under-wire.

When you have under-wire coming out of your bra, use moleskin to hide it (and to protect your chest!).  Learn the steps here.

Protect yourself from peeking bra under-wire.

#6 Avoid color loss in fabrics.

For clothes you don’t want to fade, like jeans and the like, wash them inside out.  This avoids color loss that occurs when fabrics rub against each other during washing.

Prevent color loss in fabrics.

#7  Prevent dryer damage.

Prevent dryer damage by using an indoor clothesline.  You don’t even need to wait for a sunny day.  Find out more here.

Prevent dryer damage.

#8 Maintain the shape of your shoes.

Maintain the shape of your shoes by stuffing them with packing paper or newspaper.

Maintain the shape of your shoes.

#9 Decrease clothes odor.

To decrease odor between washes, spray your clothes with vodka (remember, spray it, don’t drink it)!  Learn the hack here.

Decrease clothes odor.

#10 Protect your shoes from water.

Avoid getting your fabric shoes ruined by the rain by waterproofing them with beeswax.  Find the instructions here.

Protect your shoes with beeswax.

#11 Eliminate ironing.

Avoid using irons with these other ways to de-wrinkle your clothes.

Eliminate ironing.

#12 Hide bleach stains.

When you get bleach stains on clothing, hide it with a Sharpie.  Find out more here.

Hide bleach stains.

#13 Learn how often to wash your clothes.

This is to avoid over-washing.  In between washes, you can just spot treat.

Learn how often to wash your clothes.

#14 Prevent runs on tights.

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure—so spray tights with a light coating of hairspray to prevent runs before they even begin.

Prevent runs on tights.

#15 Maintain the shape of clothes.

Simply put, just use wooden hangers.

Maintain the shape of clothes.