A Man’s Guide To Looking Good: Tips For Being Handsome


Hey gents– we know sometimes you need a little bit of help in the grooming department and we’re here to help you out.  We’ve got 15 ways for you to look really good–that way you’ll be sure to attract some female attention.  Here’s a man’s guide to looking good: tips for being handsome.

1. Keep your place clean

Cleanliness is next to godliness, right?  So, start acting like a god and keep your place picked up.


2. Use sunscreen

Sunburn hurts and your skin will be much better off if you use an SPF each day.


3. Wash your face

This will take dirt and grime off your face each day so you are less likely to get break-outs.


4. Dress like you mean it

Don’t wear the same sloppy outfit every day– it makes you look like you don’t care.  Dress smart and people will pay attention.  It doesn’t meant you need to wear a suit everyday, but at least try to look somewhat put together.


5. Take care of hands and feet

No woman wants to feel rough, dirty hands or see your fungus-coated toes–gross! Put lotion on your hands and take care of calluses.  Trim your nails and keep your feet clean and nice-looking.


6. Shave with a single-bladed razor

A razor with 5 blades will get the job done faster, but it will also be more likely to leave you with cuts, red patches, and stubble that grows back faster.  Shave like your grandpa– use a single-blade razor and take your time.  You’ll be glad you did.


7. Don’t be a sweaty mess

A sweaty guy is a stinky guy.  If you stink, people won’t like you.  So, don’t be that guy– wear light, loose clothing layers to keep your from sweating and change out of sweaty clothes as soon as you can.

Man looking at sweat under his arms

8. Smell nice

This one is easy– wash your clothes regularly, take a shower daily, put on deodorant.  Also, dab a little bit of cologne on those wrists and behind your neck for some extra good smell.


9. Be polite

Say please and thank you, hold doors open for people and act like a gentlemen.  People will notice and appreciate it.


10. Get to the gym

It’s important to stay active– not only will it help you feel better, it will help you to look better too.

workout in gym

11. Take care of those pearly whites

Brush your teeth twice a day (duh).  Try not to drink things that will stain your teeth (like coffee or lots of soda).  See the dentist every six months and whiten your teeth if you need to.


12. Take care of your eyes

Don’t shy away from creams or lotion specially designed for the thin skin around your eyes.  Use these frequently to slow down wrinkles.  Also, wear sunglasses when you’re outside.


13. Have a hobby or two

Something that doesn’t include video games, please.


14. Don’t be afraid to get a facial

It’s great for your skin and will help you in the long run.


15. Keep your eyebrows in check

Unruly, out-of-control eyebrows is definitely not attractive.  Tame your  brows with some tweezers and a little brush.