Maybe Try A Staycation? 15 Reasons Why Traveling Sucks


Ok, all you wild adventure-lovers and those caught in the waves of wanderlust, we all love a good trip.  There’s something so exciting about traveling somewhere new, meeting new people, trying new food, having new experiences.  But, there are also some parts of traveling that aren’t quite so fun.  You know it’s true.  Here’s 15 reasons why traveling sucks.

1. Waiting to go somewhere

Whether it’s waiting for a flight, a train ride, a cab, or whatever…waiting just sucks.  Nobody likes to sit and wait for long periods of time.


2. Dealing with cranky people

There will always be people in a bad mood, whether it’s the ticket agent, the flight attendant or even the grumpy person next to you.


3. Getting ripped off

Locals love to act like they’re giving you a ‘deal’ when really it’s 4 times the amount you should really pay.  But, if you’re desperate enough, you’ll pay up.


4. Feeling paranoid by the unfamiliarity around you

You’ll have a place for your wallet, hidden in your shoe, another for keys, another with some extra cash.  You can never feel too safe or be too careful.


5. Competing to have the best travel story

When you’re with all your buddies who love to travel and everybody is trying to one-up each other on travel stories.  Yeah, not fun.


6. Lost love, lost chances

When you’re always leaving somewhere, there’s no chance for you to stay and put some roots down.  That amazing guy you met?  Yeah, you’ll never see him again.  So, stop daydreaming about you two falling in love, you moving to Costa Rica to live with him and opening up a coconut cafe together.  It’s not going to happen.


7. Jet lag

You’re tired and ornery, enough said.


8. You’ll buy too many souvenirs and trinkets that you’ll never use again

You just love those adorable sandals and you need 3 t-shirts because, duh, you’ll wear them all the time and you also need some little knick-knack things for your house.  Never mind that you never touch those t-shirts, the knick-knacks are still packed in your bag and you broke one of the sandals within a week of being home.


9. Nobody cares about how cultured you’ve become

Trying to tell travel stories to uninterested listeners is like pulling out a slideshow of photos from your childhood– it’s nice and all, but really, nobody cares.  They don’t care about the great food you ate in Italy.  They don’t care about you getting lost in Peru.  They don’t care about holding wild animals in Africa.


10. Potty talk

Seriously, do you always remember the right way to use the bathroom around the world?  It’s so hard to remember– do you put the paper in or leave it out.  What do you do if you accidentally clog the toilet?  Leave like nothing happened or fess up…ugh.


11. Airports

I’ve never met a person who actually likes to be stuck at the airport.  I’ve never met someone who’s thrilled about being crammed into a seat for six hours or more with minimal food and access to a bathroom.


12. You realize how expensive stuff is

When you’re having to pay for all your meals (eating out all the time is pricey) you’ll be frustrated to not have a kitchen to cook in or even a home base to stop and take a rest.  Everything you want and everything you do costs some money, whether it’s getting somewhere, buying things to survive or trying to relax.


13. No one is there to hassle you to drink more water, wear a hat, and all the other important things you forget to do.

This is why you end up dehydrated, sunburned and sick while on vacation.


14. When things are hard, you’ll feel like an ungrateful whiner

Some people will never have the chance to travel around the world like this.  They would be thrilled for an opportunity like this.  And here you are, complaining about all the little petty things that are driving you crazy.


15. You won’t find happiness on your trip

You might think that on this next trip you’ll be able to ‘find yourself.’  You’ll finally realize what true happiness is and you’ll achieve a level of joyful nirvana you’ve never before experienced….in your dreams.  Honestly, you’ll just realize how much you miss home…