McDonald’s is Out for World Domination!


It is believed, and proven to be true, that A McDonald’s Is Never More Than 107 Miles Away This rings a bell to all of us simply because at one point in our lives, we we’re hooked in this fast-food mogul. I mean, come on, who isn’t familiar with McDonald’s? From Big Macs to Double Quarter Pounders, McDonald’s has served countless amount of people. Almost synonymous with the term “fast food”, McDonald’s has managed to dominate the economy in ways that you probably weren’t even aware of. But economic gain is not the only reason why McDonald’s seems to be taking over the world (figuratively speaking). From powerful political leaders who own McDonald’s restaurants to McDonald’s aggressive expansion across the globe, here are 25 reasons why McDonald’s is out for world domination.


1. In spite of all the statistics we are about to mention McDonald’s is not the largest fast food restaurant in terms of number of physical locations (~35,000). That prize goes to Subway (~40,000). Nevertheless, Mc Donalds is still the world’s most valuable fast food brand worth over $85 billion dollars.



2. Every 14.5 hours a McDonald’s opens somewhere in the world



3. And you thought french fries were just fried potatoes right? Wrong. The fries at McDonalds contain 17 ingredients.



4. McDonald’s is actually the world’s largest toy distributer. They give out more than 1.5 billion every year




5. Also, the original menu did not feature french fries



6. At over $28 billion revenue per year, it makes more than the entire state of Vermont. It’s also the most profitable fast food restaurant in the world.




7. McDonald’s didn’t originally sell hamburgers. It sold hotdogs.



8. There are McDonald’s restaurants in 119 countries, but 40% of them are in the US




9. The average person in India has to work 6 hours in order to afford a Big Mac.



10. In fact, the only place in the continental US that is more than 100 miles from a McDonald’s is a desert in northwest Nevada




11. On a website that McDonald’s runs for its workers the company advises them to avoid fast food



12. 1% of the world’s population eats at McDonalds every day



13. More than 80,000 people have graduated from Hamburger University with a degree in Hamburgerology



14. The Queen of England owns a McDonald’s



15. It takes the average McDonald’s employee 7 months to earn what the CEO makes…in only one hour.



16. One in every eight American workers were at one point in their lives employed by McDonald’s.



17. In 2005 a man named Ronald McDonald actually robbed a Wendy’s



18. Globally, it has more than 761,000 employees. That is more than the entire population of Luxembourg



19. Since 1948 McDonald’s has sold over 4 trillion fries. If placed back to back they would reach all the way to Jupiter and back…twice



20. If it were a country, McDonald’s would be the 90th richest country on Earth



21. The company operates more playgrounds in the United States than any other entity



22. Every second McDonald’s sells 75 hamburgers



23. McDonald’s caesar salad is actually more fattening than its hamburgers




24.  McDonald’s is the world’s largest owner of retail property. Actually, most of its profit isn’t even from food…it’s from collecting rent



25. McDonald’s refers to customers who eat their food often as “heavy users”