The Mesmerizing Translucent Waves Of Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky


Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky loved painting the sea. And nobody has captured the beauty and shimmering essence of the tempestuous waves like this great painter. If one didn’t know any better, one might even think that these waves are the real thing.

Growing up in a port town called Feodosia, the great waters were a constant companion of Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky. His real knack lies in capturing every little detail of the waves. Light and translucent, the Russian Armenian painter has the impeccable ability to recreate the expressive quality of the ocean.

Here is a collection of some of his greatest paintings. Sit back and enjoy the mesmerizing translucent waves of Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky.

1. 1868 Storm

1868 Storm

2. A. Pushkin in the Crimea at Gurzuf rocks

A. Pushkin in the Crimea at Gurzuf rocks

3. Ayu-Dag on a foggy day in 1853

Ayu-Dag on a foggy day in 1853

4. Beach Naples. Kind of Vesuvius.

Beach Naples. Kind of Vesuvius

5. Bosphorus by Moonlight

Bosphorus by Moonlight

6. Brig Mercury after the victory over two Turkish vessels with the Russian fleet in 1848.

Brig Mercury after the victory over two Turkish vessels with the Russian fleet in 1848

7. Dalmatian Coast

Dalmatian Coast

8. Golden Horn Bay, Turkey

Golden Horn Bay. Turkey

9. Gondolier at Sea at Night

Gondolier at sea at night

10. In the storm of 1872

In the storm of 1872

11. Meeting Fishermen on The Shore of The Bay of Naples

Meeting fishermen on the shore of the Bay of Naples

12. Moonrise at Theodosia 1892

Moonrise at Theodosia 1892

13. Restless Sea 1877

Restless Sea 1877

14. Seashore


15. Shipwreck 1843

Shipwreck 1843

16. Shipwreck 1864

Shipwreck 1864

17. Shipwreck 1876

Shipwreck 1876

18. Storm at Rocky Shores

Storm at rocky shores

19. Storm at Sea

Storm at Sea 1880 63h98

20. Storm in The North Sea in 1865

Storm in the North Sea in 1865

21. Storm on The Sea at Night

Storm on the sea at night

22. Stormy Sea at Night

Stormy Sea at night

23. Storm on the Sea at Night in 1895

torm on the sea at night in 1895

24. Towers on a Rock Near the Bosphorus

Towers on a rock near the Bosphorus

25. Type of Constantinople 1849

Type of Constantinople 1849

26. Type of Constantinople in The Moonlight

Type of Constantinople in the moonlight

27. Type of Odessa From The Sea

Type of Odessa from the sea

28. Type of Venice From The Lido

Type of Venice from the Lido

29. Wave 1895

Wave 1895

30. Wedding Poet in Ancient Greece

Wedding poet in ancient Greece