Mom Photographs Her Daughter As Various Iconic Characters, And The Results Are Amazing


When she was adopted at age 7, a lot changed drastically in Alice’s life. Not only did she have to adjust to a whole new family life, but she also got her original name changed by her adoptive mom. In fact, the change was inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland. Actually, the transformations did not stop there. Alice, who is now 9 years old, aspires to be an actress and model one day, so when she re-created famous characters like Carrie White from the Stephen King novel, Edward Scissorhands and Joan of Arc, she certainly started off her future career with a bang.

These photos were encouraged by her adoptive mother, professional photographer Kelly Lewis, who documents all of her impressive work on the site ‘Malice of Alice’. It’s definitely worth checking out some of the characters that Alice transformed into – you’ll be impressed by the realism of the photographs, for sure. So, here’s a selection of the best pictures taken of a talented little girl by her mom.

Kelly Is Nice Photography -

 #1 Alice In Wonderland

Here she is, recreating the iconic character who inspired her new name, Alice from Alice In Wonderland. The stunning little girl sets the scene of the Victorian novel perfectly, and brings it to life with her blue eyes and fixed stare.