The Moments That Zoo Animals Decided To Take Hilarious Revenge


Many years ago, someone had the ‘genius’ idea to hunt down and trap beautiful wild animals in locked cages, so that humans could have ‘fun’ days out pointing and staring at them inside. Okay, so many people are against zoos, and we totally understand that. But, in another perspective, without zoos, we would never come face to face with all the amazing wildlife inside. We would never have seen a giraffe, a lion or an elephant up close. And, luckily, many zoos these days operate solely to keep certain animals from going extinct, and we support that concept. Anyway, the difference between us and these zoo animals is that they really aren’t interested in seeing us humans at all, and often cause a bit of trouble to get some amusement. And, actually, some of the things they have done are just downright hilarious. Here’s a selection of the 18 funniest moments that animals decided to take revenge on humans. Enjoy!

#1 I Don’t Give A Sh*t, Human

Yep, as we can see, cheetahs don’t give a sh*t, literally! They’re well aware of the fact that they’re faster than us, and more aggressive, too. And unlike us, they seem to have no boundaries whatsoever. When God calls, God calls, right?