Motherhood Moments You Aren’t Ready For


So, being a mom is great, right?  Like, the best, most exhausting and yet lovable thing ever?  Yeah, I know…but be careful, because time goes by way too fast and before you know it they’ll be all grown up and moving out.  So, for all you moms out there, treasure the simple moments because they’ll be gone before you know it.  Here are 15 motherhood moments that you aren’t ready for.

1.First time they look at you

Like, really, really look at you.  You know, that special moment when they are looking at you and a little smile creeps up because they know that you’re the one taking care of them.  Yeah…go re-live that moment in your mind right now.


 2. First word

You are so unprepared for this moment.  At first, they’re like cooing and babbling and then all of a sudden a word comes out and you’re amazed and terrified at the same time.  *Please, don’t let them pick up any bad words that I say*