Nailed It! Best Pinterest Food Fails Of All Time


Pinterest is a fickle friend.  One minute you’re finding the best recipe for chicken noodle soup in the entire world, and the next you’re realizing that you’ll never be able to make it just right.  Ditto with chocolate cake….oh and double chocolate raisin nut covered brownies with no gluten or fat.  Anyone who attempts an innocent looking recipe and then completely fails at it gets to say they “nailed it,” ….even though they totally didn’t.  Here are the best Pinterest food fails of all time.

1. Easy peasy cookie dough bowls

Looks so simple, right? …Wrong again! The dough spread all over the pan instead of staying in one place like it was supposed to.  Now, not only is your dessert bowl idea ruined, so is your pan if you can’t get that sticky mess off of it.  Frowny face to that. :(