Nailed It! Best Pinterest Food Fails Of All Time


Pinterest is a fickle friend.  One minute you’re finding the best recipe for chicken noodle soup in the entire world, and the next you’re realizing that you’ll never be able to make it just right.  Ditto with chocolate cake….oh and double chocolate raisin nut covered brownies with no gluten or fat.  Anyone who attempts an innocent looking recipe and then completely fails at it gets to say they “nailed it,” ….even though they totally didn’t.  Here are the best Pinterest food fails of all time.

1. Easy peasy cookie dough bowls

Looks so simple, right? …Wrong again! The dough spread all over the pan instead of staying in one place like it was supposed to.  Now, not only is your dessert bowl idea ruined, so is your pan if you can’t get that sticky mess off of it.  Frowny face to that. :(


2. Rainbow cake

See how round and happy this cake looks! It’s like it’s full of rainbows and sunshine and giggles and fluff.  Except…not mine.  It looks like death.  Like food coloring mixed death flat-cake gone oh-so wrong.

rainbow cake

3. Rubber ducky cupcakes

“Make some rubber ducky cupcakes,” they said.  “It’ll be fun,” they said.  Those poor, unfortunate cupcakes.  They look like zombie cupcakes with melting eyes, beaks, and tails.


4. Melting Monster

Maybe if you leave the Minion cake in the oven too long…it starts to melt, like this one.  If only the person attempting to make the cake could have followed all the directions.  The top cake is pure perfection; clearly on a level us mere mortals will never achieve.


5.  Octopus pie

This pie is perfect for Halloween time– it’s the perfect mix of spooky and creative.  But the copied pie is the one that looks like something out of a horror film.  It truly scares us all.

pinterest pie

6. Cookie Monster Cupcakes

It would appear that cupcakes are difficult to master.  Especially ones with faces.  The top cupcakes are awe-inspiring and fun…while the bottom one looks like a sad, pathetic mess.


7. Hedgehog Cake

The greatest cake of all time for those hedgehog lovers in your life (uh, who likes hedgehogs?).  The point here is that the teeth on the bottom make this animal cake totally creepy.  It’s a creature we definitely wouldn’t want to come across on a dark and scary night. And why is it pink?

hedgehog cake

8. Jello with hearts

Who doesn’t love some Valentine’s themed jello?  All the sweet little hearts in there, making you feel so happy and in love? Well, not mine.  As you can see, the hearts were mashed all over the place when I tried to mix the jello together, creating a tie-dye-gone-wrong looking jello.



9. Bunny rolls

It looks so incredibly simple, just roll the dough into little bunny shaped bodies and then snip on the top to make little ears.  Piece of cake….except if you are totally craft-inept.  These sweet bunny rolls went from angelic to demon-like with their ears singed and burnt.

bunny roll

10. Bloomin’ Onion

And, last but not least, a replica of Outback Steakhouse’s famous bloomin’ onion rings.  They’re perfectly cut and dipped in batter and then fried.  But, alas, the replica failed to duplicate.  Oh, pinterest– you hurt our creative hearts!