All Natural Arts: Susan Beatrice’s Steam Punk Sculptures Made From Old Watch Parts


For New Jersey-based artist Susan Beatrice, old broken watches are not trash, they are artworks waiting to be made. From unusable springs and tiny gears Beatrice creates intricate diorama pieces that celebrate nature. By using these unusable miniature mechanical parts, the artist offers us a new perspective on what we see as trash. Each art piece is uniquely sculptured so no two pieces are alike.

According to Beatrice, she creates these beautifully whimsical sculptures with the environment in mind. By combining repurposed and recycled parts with natural elements like sea glass and natural stones, Beatrice creates amazing Earth-friendly artworks. Check out these “All Natural” mechanical creatures of Susan Beatrice. Enjoy!

1. A father and son fishing

A father and son fishing

2.  A little fairy is balanced on a clock spring.

A little fairy is balanced on a clock spring

3. A little hand.

A little hand