“New Girl” Quotes That Perfectly Describe Your Life


If there was a poster child for the quintessential single girl, it would be quirky teacher Jessica Day (played by Zooey Deschanel) from New Girl.  Jess lives in an apartment full of guys while trying to figure out her love life and herself.  She’s basically every awkward girl that ever lived.  Here are 19 “New Girl” quotes that perfectly describe your life.

1. When someone asks you about your love life

Guys think showing emotion must mean you’re just totally crazy…which sends them packing.  Sweet girls like Jess have a lot of emotions…therefore, lots of crazy.



2. When you’re trying to hold a normal conversation with someone who isn’t fully clothed

Whether it’s after a random hook-up or just walking in on someone nearly naked, it’s just hard to concentrate on your convo when there are naked bits perfectly exposed.  #awkward


3. When someone has just broken up with you

After being dumped, you’re so stunned and disappointed that all you can do is go to your room to think.  You don’t need to keep talking, you don’t need to drown your sorrows in a bowl of ice cream (yet) you really just need some of that think time.


4. When you’re out to dinner on a date

So, this guy might be great, but since you’re still technically single, your one true love it food.  It never lets you down.  Food will never walk out on you or blow you off.


5. When you’re trying to explain your pain from your period

Sorry, guys, you’re just never going to get it. Ever.


6. When your roommate won’t get out of the bathroom

Girls like to go cry in weird places…like bathrooms.  And it’s really inconvenient when someone is hogging the bathroom when you just need a good cry.


7. When you get a little tipsy and speak your deepest darkest fears aloud

But at least you said it in a somewhat noisy bar so hopefully no one hears and remembers this moment.  It’s ok, girl, you just let it all out. 


8. When you try to give advice

You’re honestly just trying to help your friends get through their issues without anyone getting hurt or crying.  You know running away was never the solution.


9. When you randomly open up to strangers

I mean, if you’re going to open up about your feelings, you might as well really share everything with people, right?


10. When you see a hot guy and can’t help but do this

Your friends sigh and shake their heads and claim that this is why you’ll be single for the rest of your life.


11. When you talk to your best friend about how you two act in public

So, you two like attention?  That’s ok, right?


12. When you have a day off so you don’t put a bra on

If you don’t know, boob jail is a very terrible place.


13. When you pretend to act excited for someone else

Mostly, you’re wondering why they decide to share so much with you when you really just want to be sleeping.


14. When you are going through emotional trauma

All you need is some wine, Taylor Swift CD’s on replay, and tissues and you’ll be ok eventually.


15. When you give people a long second glance

You may or may not be judging the crap out of them, but they don’t need to know that.


16. When you’re having a bad day

Everything sucks when it’s an off day.


17. When you explain why you have to share your feelings

You don’t want to end up like one of the weird ones.


18. When you have a problem but you’re trying to act like everything is fine

They’ll never know that you’re struggling.  You have everything under control…


19. When you have to make a choice quickly

Uhhh…..dang it.  I don’t like choosing things ever!