“New Girl” Quotes That Perfectly Describe Your Life


If there was a poster child for the quintessential single girl, it would be quirky teacher Jessica Day (played by Zooey Deschanel) from New Girl.  Jess lives in an apartment full of guys while trying to figure out her love life and herself.  She’s basically every awkward girl that ever lived.  Here are 19 “New Girl” quotes that perfectly describe your life.

1. When someone asks you about your love life

Guys think showing emotion must mean you’re just totally crazy…which sends them packing.  Sweet girls like Jess have a lot of emotions…therefore, lots of crazy.



2. When you’re trying to hold a normal conversation with someone who isn’t fully clothed

Whether it’s after a random hook-up or just walking in on someone nearly naked, it’s just hard to concentrate on your convo when there are naked bits perfectly exposed.  #awkward