New Zealand Mom Survives In The Wilderness After Drinking Her Own Breast Milk


The liquid gold that is breast milk has made headlines for its ability to fuel body builders’ muscle gains and help new moms’ with weight loss—you know, in addition to feeding babies. Now, it’s getting credit for helping one woman survive while stranded in a forest for more than 24 hours.  Here’s how one New Zealand mom survives in the wilderness after drinking her own breast milk.

1. Running a race

29-year-old Susan O’Brien lost her way while running a race in Rumutaka Forest Park and was never able to cross the finish line.  The race started at 9am and runners on the 20 kilometer trail were expected to finish about two and a half hours later, but O’Brien couldn’t find the trail and wandered further from the race area.


2. On her own

“I got lost and got stuck in some bushes and then I thought that was it,” O’Brien told reporters.  “I wanted to carry on but I got too exhausted so I just dug a hole. I didn’t have a life blanket, I thought I was going to die,” O’Brien said.