No Regrets! These Amazing Covered Tattoos Saved Their Skin


If you love tattoos, you’re probably aware of the cares and precautions you should take before marking your skin forever. The first detail of a tattoo involves planning the general drawing and design, and the second step is choosing a professional tattooist who follows all the hygiene rules and has a perfect set of skills to perform exactly what you’re expecting. However, if you already have a tattoo and didn’t follow these two golden rules, if you don’t already, you’ll probably regret your tattoo at some point in the near future. But, rest assured, it’s not the end of the world! A lot of professional tattoo artists are experts at covering up tattoos and turning disasters into masterpieces, which is precisely what we’re about to show you. These tattooists can literally save your skin. Enjoy!

#1 Sugar Skull


#2 Black & White Masterpiece