Oddly Satisfying Photos That Will Give You Peace Of Mind


It’s ok.  Be at peace.  Know that everything is ok in the world.  Do you every feel satisfied by seeing things all lined up and in order?  Does it satisfy the tiny remnant of OCD-tendencies in you?  Here, we’ll show you oddly satisfying photos that will give you peace of mind.

1. Roads that swirl together perfectly

There’s nothing more comforting than checking out your GPS, only to see this lovely picture awaiting you.  It’s like a swirling circle of wonder or something.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 2.20.36 PM

2. Smooth buns

Have you ever seen a bun so perfectly round and smooth?  It’s like, too perfect to be eaten.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 2.20.45 PM