Old & Rare Pictures Showing Us How Photography Was In The Past


Every day, millions of photographs are taken from each angle of the world, and thanks to all the social media networks like Facebook and Instagram, these numbers are increasing by the day. Can you believe that there have been 30 billion photos shared on Instagram altogether, and around 70 million per day?! It’s pretty crazy, we know. However, photography wasn’t always like this. At the beginning of photography, it was extremely rare for people to have even one picture of themselves taken in their entire lives. Not only this, but it was almost impossible to meet someone who actually owned a camera. So, if you’d like to see what photography looked like in the past, now is your chance. We have created a special selection of the 30 oldest and most rare photos, showing us exactly how photography worked in the past. Say cheese!

#1 Carrying The Magic Box


#2 Paparazzi From The Past