Why Being The Oldest Sibling Is The Absolute Freaking Best


You rule the roost and get to boss the younger ones around all day long.  So, the boys don’t want to play barbies with you–too bad!  What you say goes, because you’re the queen.  But, as you grow older, you’ll realize that being the oldest comes with certain responsibilities and privileges that you’d do well to take advantage of.  Just, never forget about your little ones.  Here’s why being the oldest sibling is the absolute freaking best.

1. Guess who the younger ones run to when mom and dad are being mean…that’s right–you

And you just get to love ’em to pieces.


2. You get to teach them everything you know

They’ll believe whatever you say, so be tough, but be honest.


3. They think you’re the coolest

Your siblings will automatically think you are so much cooler than anyone else.  I mean, they’ll practically worship the ground you walk on.  So, take advantage of it and be nice to them every once in a while.


4. You don’t have to follow anyone’s footsteps

You are the maker of your own path.  Also, your parents will make rules for your siblings that they never had for you, simply because they hadn’t figured it out yet.


5. You influence who they become

Your siblings will change and grow, and the person they turn into will be largely due to you. 


6. You get to be the one to stand up to people who are mean to them

And sometimes it might be the other way around but that’s ok too.  You all come to each other’s defense.  Nobody messes with my baby sister.


7. You get to tease the crap out of them

You get a lifetime’s worth of teasing.  You’ll never get sick of poking, tickling or tackling them.


8. You have someone to blame stuff on

This is especially great before they realize they’re being blamed.  “Who spilled the milk?  Who ate all the food?  Who made this mess?”  “Why, it was the baby, of course!”


9. You get to be in charge when parents are gone

Which basically means what you say goes.  They should all start bowing down to you now.


10. You never had to deal with hand-me-downs

You grew first and fastest so all the new stuff came right to you.


11. Let’s be honest, your parents actually tried documenting your life but didn’t care as much when the others came along

That’s why we have all those home videos of me doing cool stuff, as well as my baby book and scrapbook of my first years while they others have nothing to show for it.  Muah-hahaha!


12. You got to learn new stuff first

You know, important stuff, like how to drive and also the truth about Santa Claus.


13. Your parents think you’re the responsible one

Hahah….they are so foolish to believe that.  Although, it did instill a great sense of courage and leadership in me from a young age.


14. You felt so cool when they copied you

They know what cool looks like–it’s me. siblign2

15. Hello?  You get to be friends for life

Siblings are like built-in best friends that you get to keep forever.  No matter how long you’ve been apart, you can always count on your siblings.