On-Set Divas: Celebrities Notoriously Difficult To Work With


These on-set divas or celebrities notoriously difficult to work with are worth mentioning.

#1 Katherine Heigl

The beautiful Katherine Heigl (check out her picture without makeup here) has been accused of being difficult and just not worth it.  She’s also been known to lambast her own movies after the fact.  Sources from the set of Five Killers said that Katherine was “extremely unprofessional,” “flaking on meetings and making ridiculous demands.”  There was actually friction between Katherine and New Year’s Eve co-star Sofia Vergara.  The insider on set said, “Katherine’s always complaining about having to stand outside in the cold for long periods of time and Sofia can’t stand her whining…finally, Sofia told her to be grateful that she has the role in the first place.  That clearly didn’t go over well.”  We’re on team Sofia on this one.

Katherine Heigl