Pencil Vs Camera: 30 Amazing Optical Illusions by Ben Heine


The unique artworks that we are going to show you today are from the amazing work of Ben Heine, inventor of the “Pencil Vs Camera” style of photo manipulation. This creative art concept blends drawing and photography. Instead of using a photo editing software, Ben Heine manipulates his photos by inserting creative pencil drawings, resulting in a more magical depiction of reality.

By seamlessly matching his pencil drawings with real life setting, the Belgian artist is able to show us the world from a truly unique perspective. Check out these incredible optical illusions by the “Pencil Vs Camera” artist, Ben Heine.

1. Amazing Catch

Amazing Catch


2. Bad Apple

Bad Apple

3. Best Friends

Best Friends

4. Chess


5. Crying Sunflower

Crying Sunflower

6. Daydreaming


7. Draw off

Draw off

8. Evolution


9. Magic Lens

From the Lens

10. Half Real

Half Real

11. Hanging out with The Buddha

Hanging out With The Buddha

12. Happy Crowd

Happy Crowd

13. I Miss You

I Miss You

15. It’s a Huge Party

It's a Huge party

16. It’s Cool

It's Cool

17. Lady and Bunny Rabbit

Lady and Bunny Rabbit

18. Lady in The Sky

Lady in the Sky

19. Lonely


20. Madonna and Child

Madonna and Child

21. Monkey Business

Monkey Business

22. No More Violence

No More iolence

23. On Fire

On Fire

24. Presents


25. Reflections


26. Singing Birds

Singing Birds

27. Spaceships From Down Below

Spaceships from under

28. Spirit Animals

Spirit Animals

29. Sweet Angel

Sweet Angel

30. The Admirer

The Admirer