People Caught Cheating On Facebook


Let’s face it.  Sometimes people just share too much on Facebook.  These people, specifically, have to live with the consequences of having their double lives exposed.  Check out these people who got caught cheating on Facebook!

#1 The Trap

Somehow we don’t think Bill and Ashley are going to make it…

The Facebook Trap

#2 The Pride Goeth Before the Fall

Tiffany, you got burned girl!

The Pride-Goeth Before the Fall

#3 The Double Standard

You have to get off your high horse sometimes.

The Double Standard

#4 The Innocent Question

Who would’ve thought it would end up this way?

The Innocent Question

#5 The Awkward Moment

Uh-huh, you think it’s something else, but it’s really not.

The Awkward Moment

#6 The Uh-Oh

Well, we all know what this means, no explanation needed.

The Uh-Oh Cheater

#7 The Real Person Behind

It started pretty innocently enough…

The Girl Behind the Account

#8 The Three-Way

Someone updated his status really quickly.

The Three-Way Cheater

#9 The Caught Red-Handed

Now that’s a rough one!

The Caught Red-Handed

#10 The Blame Everyone Else

The Blame Everyone Else Cheater

#11 The Obvious Flirtation

So is it better because she’s also married?  Should this qualify as one of the awful ways to find out you’ve been friend zoned?

The Flirt

#12 The Seemingly Innocent

We think someone might be doing some stalking…

The Seemingly Innocent Post

#13 The Army Wife

Kudos to this guy for standing his ground!

The Unfaithful Military Wife

#14 The “Neglected” Wife

Yikes.  Not only is she a cheater, but she needs to learn some simple online skills.

The Neglected Wife

#15 The Underwear Mix-Up

The backtrack is a bit late, bro.

The Underwear Mix-Up

#16 The Other Woman

So time to stop feeling bad about her, then.

The Other Woman

#17 The Bad Aim

We know he was trying to brag, but that got him in some hot water, fast.

The Bad Aim

#18 The Bitter

We can’t really say he’s being truthful or just vindictive, but he thought Facebook was the way to do it.

The Bitter Cheat

#19 The Novice

Well, not only is she a would-be cheater, but she’s not really that tech savvy either.

The Cheating Novice

#20 The Status Update Breakup

You go girl!

The Status Update From Another