People Who Look Like Barbie Dolls


If you played with the pretty Barbie doll toys as a kid, you probably wanted to look like one too.  But, you grew up, realized that women’s natural proportions are much different from that of Barbie’s and you moved on with your life.  For some people though, looking like Barbie was much more than just a dream– it became a reality.  Here are people who look like Barbie dolls, including one Ukranian, 21-year-old Valeria Lukyonova who looks just like Mattel’s infamous Barbie doll in photos.

1. Valeria at the gym

She works out often to maintain her tiny waist and thin legs and arms.


2. Barbie’s makeup

Valeria uses many different techniques for doing her makeup to make her eyes look large and doll-like.  But, don’t think she achieves this look all on her own.  She’s also had countless plastic surgeries to look like Barbie too.