These People Obviously Don’t Know How To Behave In A Relationship


Apart from the fact that we are all human, we are not all the same. Every human being has their own unique personality, and because of this, it’s impossible to predict some of their reactions. It’s very common to feel disappointed with someone who you thought you knew, and suddenly, everything changes. This applies especially to those in relationships – at the beginning, everything seems so magical and perfect and we get so distracted that we don’t notice any of our girlfriend/boyfriend’s flaws at all. With more time, we begin to realize the true nature of our partner, and sometimes, it’s not good news. Check out this special selection of people who clearly don’t know how to behave in a relationship. Enjoy, and don’t forget to choose your partner well!

#1 Worst Nightmare

Is there anything worse than matching your mom marry your ex-boyfriend?! In a situation like this, it’s probably best to move to Tibet, become a monk, and spend the rest of your life living atop the coldest mountain, rather than call your ex ‘dad’.


#2 Sixty Five Thousand

Sometimes, we only need a couple of calls in sequence to get p*ssed with the person who is insisting on calling us, but can you imagine SIXTY FIVE THOUSAND calls?! Sorry, babe, but it’s definitely time to break up.


#3 Love, Love, Love

Who in this world in their right mind would want to celebrate ‘almost one week together’?! Sorry buddy, but this is a sign that she’s gonna call you sixty five thousand times when you decide to break up with her.


#4 Eternally Single

Some people prefer to blame their destiny or their zodiac sign for the reason they’re alone in this world and can’t find love, but this guy’s reason is his bizarre profile on Tinder. Sorry, Ryan, but your destiny reads ‘forever single’.


#5 Crazy Girlfriend

Men are crazy, but women can take it to a whoooole new level. Not only do they bleed each month, but terrible moodswings and evil anger tantrums come along at this time, too. So, during her time of the month, you should probably answer your girlfriend’s call, otherwise…


#6 Possessive People

It’s very common to come across possessive people, and the problem with them is that they spent their lives loving things and not wanting to share them. This makes them get pretty confused when they finally find someone to love, and situations like the one below tend to happen. Oh, dear…


#7 Bad Joke

We all like to keep the good humor in our relationship – it’s good to make jokes and pranks with our loved one, right? But, some people always have to go one step further and take the prank to a whole new level.

#8 Don’t Cheat

If you really want to know what your partner is capable of, you just need to cheat on him or her and wait for the consequences to take place. But be careful – sometimes, the consequences can be deadly. Here’s a word of advice from us: always be honest, and if you have any urge to cheat, just end the relationship first!


#9 B*tch, Please!

Love makes us do some pretty silly things, right? We all know that – but this insane girl did way too much. When you fake a rape to get your ex-boyfriend back, you lose all self-respect and common sense. Who even does this kind of sick thing?!


#10 Get Out

There’s nothing more embarrassing than your entire neighbourhood having to witness the cruel scene of someone being kicked out of their house, with their stuff strewn all over the street. But how about when the Google Street View camera captures it?! That’s a thousand times worse, surely.


#11 Offensive Post

We all hate to talk about our remember our exes, so posting pictures like this one is pretty weird and offensive. Just forget your past and move on, dude.


#12 Fire In The Hole

Revenge is one of the worst human reactions, especially because it’s something very hidden that we can only see in a person’s angriest moments. Your lovely, kind, innocent, dependent and fragile ex may one day attempt to burn down your house… so just be careful!


#13 Obsessive Person

Here’s another terrible trait in the character of a person that can unfortunately stick around for a very long time. Obsessive people will steal your peace and breathe your air 24 hours a day, if it was possible. Check out this bizarre chick…


#14 Time Only Makes Things Worse Sometimes

The more time passes, the more a routine starts to build up in the relationship. This creates a lot of intimacy, which can sometimes be pretty bad. It starts with an innocent fart in front of your girlfriend or boyfriend, and 50 years later, you’ll be risking your life just to fix their problems… They look so happy, despite the fragile situation!

#15 First Week

What a great milestone for a couple, right?! ONE WEEK! And this is when we realize it’s gonna be a very long year, full of celebration. We can’t help but wonder what they have planned for their One Month Anniversary.


#16 Let’s Celebrate

Here’s another good example of someone that doesn’t know how to behave in a relationship. More insane than the couple who are celebrating their one week anniversary is this guy celebrating the first date. He may be a very lonely guy.


#17 I Don’t Care

This is just like the quote, “No matter how much you care, some people simply just don’t”. Looks like someone here won’t be getting lucky tonight…


#18 Jealous

Jealousy is poison in a relationship. People tend to admire confident people more, but we live in a crazy world in which jealousy is considered to be fairly ‘normal’. But, trust us, it isn’t – and if you’re feeling jealous, before you know it, you’ll be acting like this…