Perfect Timing! 15 Epic Dog Photos


Everyone loves snapping pictures of their pups just as much as snapping photos of family members and friends. In the end, these dogs are family to  a lot of owners out there and deserve just as much love. Plus, photos are great mementos of special times. But sometimes the memories can come out a little strange or just plain hilarious! Check these 15 epic dog pics and see it for yourself.

1. “Who needs bubble gum when you can eat a real bubble?”

There was a time when edible bubbles were a thing. This dog definitely seems to have that idea!



2. “I prefer throat scratches than ear scratches any day.”

Not to fear, the owner’s arm isn’t actually reaching into the dog’s mouth. But it is a great way to get rid an itch in your throat.



3. “They said to ‘chew’, so I did!”

Everything in this picture screams, “go eat a steak!” And it really does look like the dog had the right idea.



4. “Nothing is better than enjoying the weather on a sunday.”

Enjoying great weather and a nice cool drink is always the way to go on a lazy day. Nice weather always makes humans and dogs alike a little sleepy.



5. “Look mom! I fixed it!”

Want to bring your dog into an area but can’t because of the “No Dogs Allowed” sign? No worries, just plop your dog right on the “no”!



6. “I must use the force!”

This dog definitely looks like he’s using the force to get the treat. Wouldn’t it be awesome if everyone could telepathically bring food over?



7. “My dream is to be a ballerina one day.”

The form is magnificent, his posture is perfect and his expression is splendid. Truly a future star in the making!



8. “I’m better than most dogs, I breath fire!”

Maybe this labrador should run away with the circus! All she needs to do is learn how to walk on stilts and then she’s set.



9. “Tiny human, you taste good.”

Everybody run! There’s a giant, man eating dog on the loose! But in all seriousness has anyone ever tried doing a similar trick with their own camera?



10. “I’m a bird, I’m a plane, I’m SUPER DOG!”

Guess this dog had a little too much red bull. Or maybe the advertisements were true; red bull really does give you wings!



11. “Something isn’t right with this new friend…”

Smelling each other’s rear ends is the general way dogs greet each other. Poor guy, all he wants is a friend.



12. “Om nom nom, sooo good!”

Everybody has one of those friends who look a little crazy while they eat something tasty. This canine is definitely one of “those” friends.



13. “Hey! What you lookin’ at!?”

Here we can observe a  frankenstein project or a weird mutation. In reality it’s just two dogs standing beside each other.



14. “ We are cerberus!”

In the second movie of Harry Potter we met a very angry two headed guard dog, Cerberus. Luckily these fellas seem much friendlier.



15. “Look at my long neck, I am majestic in every way.”

A perfectly timed photo that also makes for a good visual trick. These two dogs pull off the long neck look well!