Personal Stories Of Near-Death Experiences


Whether you believe in it or not, let these personal stories of near-death experiences give you hope or fear death less.  On a related note, read about these people who were thought to be dead but actually “came back to life.”

#1 Eben Alexander

The author of “Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife,” Eben stressed that he had an out of body experience as he was in a coma from meningitis in 2008.  He underscored that consciousness is separate from the brain and that death is merely a transition.  What waits for everyone in death is perfect splendor forever and ever.  His experience was full of clouds, angels, butterflies, and deceased relatives.  This even includes a beautiful girl in a peasant dress, who Eben later described to be her sister.

Eben Alexander

#2 Colton Burpo

In 2003, when 3-year old Colton had an emergency surgery, he started to describe people and events that are impossible for him to know, like his great grandfather who died 30 years prior to his birth and his unborn sister.  Colton even said that he saw Jesus riding a rainbow colored horse and that he sat on Jesus’ lap as angels sang songs.  He also saw Mary kneeling in front of God’s throne and sometimes standing alongside Jesus.

Colton Burpo

#3 Don Piper

Don Piper, a Baptist minister, while going home in his Ford Escort, was struck by a semi-trailer truck.  The steering wheel impaled his chest, he was crushed by the car’s roof, and the dashboard collapsed on his legs.  When the paramedics arrived, they saw no signs of life in Don and covered him with a tarp.  A fellow pastor prayed while they waited for the medical examiner.  Based on Don’s accounts, he went to Heaven where he met his family members like his great grandmother.  He also joined a heavenly choir.

Don Piper

#4 Anita Moorjani

Anita Moorjani was diagnosed with lymphoma and went through unconventional and traditional cancer treatments.  In 2006, she went into a deep coma.  Her doctors told her family that her body was in organ failure and was in the last remaining hours of her life.  Three days after recovering, she described to her family her experience of near death, where she was greeted by her dead father and best friend who told her that it was not yet her time.  Although she was reluctant to go back to her physical body, her father and best friend told her to return and to “live her life fearlessly.”  Five weeks out of coming out of her coma, she was cancer free and released from the hospital.

Anita Moorjani

#5 Dannion Brinkley

Dannion was struck by lightning on September 1975 and was clinically dead for 28 minutes.  During this time, Dannion said he went through a tunnel, which quickly, but in a detailed manner, reviewed his life.  He was also with beings who showed him views of the future and talked to him about his life’s mission.  Although he was reluctant to go back to his body, he said he went back for this mission.

Dannion Brinkley

#6 Betty Eadie

As she was recovering from a surgical operation, Betty felt herself dying.  All of a sudden, she felt a surge of energy, then a pop and feel of release.  Betty reports that her near death experience made her pass through a dark tunnel.  She was welcomed by 3 angelic beings who told her about her life and suppressed memories.  When she exited the tunnel, Betty was met by a strong light, the embrace of Jesus Christ, wherein she felt an intense feeling of love.  She was initially told that she died prematurely and that she must go back and fulfill her personal mission.  Even though she protested, she extricated a promise that she not stay on earth longer than needed.


#7 John Wren-Lewis

John, while traveling in Thailand, he was almost poisoned to death during an attempted robbery.  He went through a near-death experience, which moved him from a skeptic to a believer.  Since then, he knew there was a dimension that went beyond time and space.  He said, “What I perceive with my eyes and other senses is a whole world that seems to be coming fresh-minted into existence moment by moment.”

John Wren-Lewis

#8 Howard Storm

As Howard lay waiting for surgery due to an ulcer or foreign object in a Parisian hospital, the pain was so unbearable that he knew he was dying.  The next thing he knew, he was outside of his body, looking at the bed, his wife crying by his side.  Although he felt no pain, his senses were very acute.  As he tried to speak to his wife, she ignored him because she could not hear or see him.  He was drawn outside to people calling his name.  Like pale human beings, the creatures told him to walk down the hallway, telling him to walk this way, telling him he must come with them as they were waiting for him.  He realized that they were actually evil beings because they become more and more hostile, turning on him and attacking him.  Then he heard a voice telling him to “Pray to God” and he started to recite religious material coupled with parts of the Pledge of Allegiance halfheartedly.  When he mentioned God, the creatures would get angry and agitated.  Yet they were moving away from him until he was on his own.  After going into despair, he called out, “Jesus, please save me!”  He was instantly saved from the dark place by a being of light he believed to be Jesus and was visited by other spiritual beings of light.  Howard was given his life review that focused on his relationships and not his personal achievements.  He was shocked at how he had hurt other people, particularly his children and wife.  Howard later woke up in his hospital room.  Notably, there is no scientific evidence that Howard had died because no doctor was present to confirm it.

Howard Storm

#9 Carl Jung

In 1944, Carl had a heart attack, followed by a near-death experience.  According to his recollections, he had an encounter with The Light.  He also saw the Earth from a view around thousands of miles above it.  His description of outer space is as accurate as when astronauts in space saw it decades later.

Carl Jung

#10 Kimberly Clark-Sharp

Kimberly suddenly had her heart stop, which saw her lying down on the street without a pulse.  In her near death experience, she was brought into a loving and peaceful place of brilliant golden light with warm comfort wherein she found out the meaning of life and death.

Kimberly Clark-Sharp

#11 Lou Famoso

In 1963, Lou was speeding on an open stretch of road because he was late for a party.  The front portion of his car went nose down and dug in the asphalt.  His car flipped 9 times until his car lost ground.  Lou’s near death experience had him encountering the Being of Light and the archangels Gabriel and Michael.  He also saw visions of the future and the constellations of Orion.

Lou Famoso

#12 Reinee Pasarow

16-year old Reinee in May 1966 went unconscious after an allergic reaction.  Reinee recounts that she immediately traveled back to the past to watch the complete evolution and history of humans.  She found out that humanity is at a turning point and that we must work with challenges towards unity for peace.

Reinee Pasarow

#13 Daniel Rosenblit

Daniel was one of those people who ridiculed people who believed in God or practiced religion.  But after weeks of failing health, in 1978, he had a near death experience.  During this time, he was shown God’s perspective.  He was taught the “spirit of the law” and how “the spirit giveth life.”  When he came back to his body, he started preaching what he was taught in the afterlife.

Daniel Rosenblit

#14 Thomas Sawyer

Thomas was an avowed agnostic before his near death experience.  In 1978, his pickup truck fell on him and crushed his chest.  For 15 minutes, he was clinically dead.  He was able to come back from the dead to talk about his experience of going through a tunnel and meeting The Light, who was God.  He said that he was sent back to tell the world about death and God’s unconditional love.

Thomas Sawyer

#15 Linda Stewart

Linda used to have the concept of God as vengeful and wrathful.  But due to a debilitating illness, she had a near death experience that showed her a loving God that does not punish nor judge.  She realized the Oneness of all, making her come to terms with peace and the goodness of God.

Linda Stewart