Personal Stories Of Near-Death Experiences


Whether you believe in it or not, let these personal stories of near-death experiences give you hope or fear death less.  On a related note, read about these people who were thought to be dead but actually “came back to life.”

#1 Eben Alexander

The author of “Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife,” Eben stressed that he had an out of body experience as he was in a coma from meningitis in 2008.  He underscored that consciousness is separate from the brain and that death is merely a transition.  What waits for everyone in death is perfect splendor forever and ever.  His experience was full of clouds, angels, butterflies, and deceased relatives.  This even includes a beautiful girl in a peasant dress, who Eben later described to be her sister.

Eben Alexander

#2 Colton Burpo

In 2003, when 3-year old Colton had an emergency surgery, he started to describe people and events that are impossible for him to know, like his great grandfather who died 30 years prior to his birth and his unborn sister.  Colton even said that he saw Jesus riding a rainbow colored horse and that he sat on Jesus’ lap as angels sang songs.  He also saw Mary kneeling in front of God’s throne and sometimes standing alongside Jesus.

Colton Burpo