Personal Stories Of Near-Death Experiences


#3 Don Piper

Don Piper, a Baptist minister, while going home in his Ford Escort, was struck by a semi-trailer truck.  The steering wheel impaled his chest, he was crushed by the car’s roof, and the dashboard collapsed on his legs.  When the paramedics arrived, they saw no signs of life in Don and covered him with a tarp.  A fellow pastor prayed while they waited for the medical examiner.  Based on Don’s accounts, he went to Heaven where he met his family members like his great grandmother.  He also joined a heavenly choir.

Don Piper

#4 Anita Moorjani

Anita Moorjani was diagnosed with lymphoma and went through unconventional and traditional cancer treatments.  In 2006, she went into a deep coma.  Her doctors told her family that her body was in organ failure and was in the last remaining hours of her life.  Three days after recovering, she described to her family her experience of near death, where she was greeted by her dead father and best friend who told her that it was not yet her time.  Although she was reluctant to go back to her physical body, her father and best friend told her to return and to “live her life fearlessly.”  Five weeks out of coming out of her coma, she was cancer free and released from the hospital.

Anita Moorjani