These Pets Grew Up But Their Favorite Cuddly Toys Remain The Same


Let’s face it, guys – our childhoods were awesome. It was the time in life to play, run free in the park with no worries or responsibilities, get excited whenever it was our birthday or Christmas, and of course, to feel completely ecstatic whenever we got a new toy. Most people had many different toys to play with during their childhood, and a lot of us can still remember how special they were to us. That’s precisely why many folks like to keep their toys – as a way to remember this beautiful phase of life forever. However, it’s not only us humans who love toys when we’re young – our pets do, too. Here is a very special selection of pets that grew up, but never got tired of their favorite cuddly toys. Enjoy!

#1 The Yellow Duck

How cute is this scene below?! The first picture is a gorgeous little kitten sleeping soundly with his favorite yellow duck toy, and the second picture was taken years later. Clearly, his favorite toy has remained the same. So adorable!


#2 Big Friends

This lovely puppy grew up sleeping side by side with his favorite teddy bear for years, and time has revealed that he never got bored of his favorite friend’s company. The only difference is his size.


#3 My Green Frog

This lovely kitten was just a tiny creature when someone gave him this green frog to play with, and even now, years ahead, this kitty is still firmly attached to his favorite cuddly toy. Some things are just too sweet for words.


#4 Little Lion

This amazing picture is yet another proof that some relationships last forever. In the first picture, we can see the little puppy and his new toy, and the second picture shows us this tiny puppy, all grown up. The most amazing thing is that he clearly never stopped loving his little lion toy.


#5 My Favorite Little Monkey

Yes, buddy. Time flies! This tiny little kitten was just starting his life when he was introduced to this stuffed monkey toy, which instantly became his best friend. And now, years later, the monkey remains intact, and at the cat’s side. Awww!


#6 His Favorite Yellow Ball

If you have a dog, you’ve probably noticed just how much they love running around after a ball, rope or stick. This one below is no different, and it definitely looks like this beautiful dog never got tired of his favorite yellow ball.


#7 The Cute Little Friend

This beautiful picture is demonstrating yet again that time passes for an animal, but their cuteness remains the same. The little kitten grew up, but his tendency to cuddle his favorite teddy bear never changed. So cute!


#8 The Baby Grew Up

In the first picture, the tiny puppy and the teddy bear are more or less the same size, but time passed, and the tiny animal grew into a big boy. Despite his large size, he never stopped loving his favorite toy. One thing we adore about dogs is that they really are the most loyal animals on this planet.


#9 Purple Toy

It’s so good to see all these lovely pets growing up alongside their favorite cuddly toys – it just proves to us that time can change, but feelings can stay the same.


#10 The Pink Puppy

Who said that cats and dogs can’t be friends?! Well, at least if the dog is a stuffed toy, that is. This lovely white kitten grew up in the company of one, and never got bored of her most loved companion. OMG.


#11 The Old Yellow Duck

As we can see below, a lot of years passed between these two pictures being taken. Despite the large time difference, it’s clear that the cat and the yellow duck stuffed toy only grew closer as the time went by.


#12 Best Friends Forever

And how about this lovely little dog and his precious teddy bear?! It’s another cute toy that will forever be the dog’s favorite friend, and once again, it’s brought a huge smile to our faces to see them looking so adorable together.


#13 Big Boy

He was just a tiny little kitty when he found his favorite toy, and even now, after a number of years, the kitten that grew into a healthy adult cat still adores his teddy bear. What a lovely picture!


#14 The Big Hug

OMG – how cute are these pictures below?! The first one shows a gorgeous black kitten giving his new toy a big hug, and the second picture, which was obviously taken years later, proves that they clearly stuck together like glue as all that time passed.


#15 Ginger Love

This picture not only brightened our day because of the ginger cat’s beautiful green eyes, but it also melted our hearts to see such an adorable bond between a pet and a cuddly toy.


#16 My Orange Alligator

No matter how many years passed between each picture, one thing is for sure – this cat is happy and playful whenever he’s with his favorite cuddly toy, his orange alligator. Our hearts are ready to burst right now!


#17 Strange Little Toy

Does anyone have any idea what kind of cuddly toy this is supposed to be?! We’re trying hard to figure it out, but we’re not getting any success. All we know is that the adorable dog below loves it to pieces, and won’t be letting it go any time soon.


#18 Rabbit’s Head

Here’s another pet that won’t let go of his extremely odd toy, and it’s yet another thing to fill our hearts with good feelings. Look how tiny this kitten was in the first picture, and how big he grew. Despite how much time has passed, he clearly sees this rabbit head toy as his brother, and always will.