These Pets Grew Up But Their Favorite Cuddly Toys Remain The Same


Let’s face it, guys – our childhoods were awesome. It was the time in life to play, run free in the park with no worries or responsibilities, get excited whenever it was our birthday or Christmas, and of course, to feel completely ecstatic whenever we got a new toy. Most people had many different toys to play with during their childhood, and a lot of us can still remember how special they were to us. That’s precisely why many folks like to keep their toys – as a way to remember this beautiful phase of life forever. However, it’s not only us humans who love toys when we’re young – our pets do, too. Here is a very special selection of pets that grew up, but never got tired of their favorite cuddly toys. Enjoy!

#1 The Yellow Duck

How cute is this scene below?! The first picture is a gorgeous little kitten sleeping soundly with his favorite yellow duck toy, and the second picture was taken years later. Clearly, his favorite toy has remained the same. So adorable!