Pharapops: Pop Culture Icons As Pharaohs


Paris-based illustrator Zaven Najjar has started an awesome project where he wonderfully mixes Superstardom and Egyptian art. Calling his project “Pharapops”, the French graphic artist gives your favorite pop culture icons hieroglyphic makeovers and gloriously presented as Pharaohs while still maintaining their most recognizable features like Mr. T’s mohawk or Mike Tyson;s boxing gloves.

Ancient Egypt has always been an interest of Zaven Najjar, and keeping a watchful eye on the past, he was able to find a connection with the modern zeitgeist. “I’ve always looked at the art and culture with admiration,” the French graphic illustrator said. “The idea of being a superstar is to write a mythology just like the Ancient Egyptian art does in a magnificent way.”

Watch two different worlds artfully collide as your favorite pop culture icons become glorious pharaohs. Here is a selection of Zaven Najjar’s Pharapops. Enjoy!

1. Alice in Wonderland X Pharapops

Alice in Wonderland X Pharapops

2. Audrey Hepburn x Pharapops

AudreyHepburn x Pharapops

3. Black Swan X Pharapops

Black Swan X Pharapops