“Photo Invasion” – The Awesome Illustrations Combined With Instagram Photos


The artist Lucas Levitan has a brilliant imagination, and the power to invent alternative stories for every scenario that he comes across. In his series of images that he named “Photo Invasion”, the illustrator essentially invades people’s Instagram photos and incorporates his witty and hilarious cartoon drawings into them. Just to show you what we’re talking about, here’s an awesome selection of the 18 best pictures created by this imaginative artist. Be careful he doesn’t come across your Instagram snaps! You just might be in for a treat.

 #1 The Grey City Song

When you photograph a big city on a dull day, the end result tends to look pretty depressing and clinical, as proved in this picture below. Lucas recognized this, and decided to add his creative touch by incorporating a musician into the scenario. And you know what? He did a really good job.


 #2 Fishing In London

This picture is very beautiful and artistic, and was taken at the perfect angle. This image makes us forget about the dull and rainy day that it was originally demonstrating, because instead, we’re admiring Lucas’ characters. He has a great way of bringing everyday scenes to life.


 #3 The Sweep

The picture below is simple, but very poetic. It’s just an old lady reading a book with her feet in the air, but of course, this imaginative illustrator sees something completely different altogether. He knows just how to add a touch of magic to any moment, and we love that.


 #4 The Yoga Movement

This is one is pretty hilarious! It was just a normal day at the beach practising yoga for this chick, but the illustrator definitely didn’t see it that way. For him, it was a chance to do something hilarious. We’d love to see her reaction!


 #5 The Old Lady

It’s a beautiful view, right?! Of course, but it certainly looks like someone is seeing more than just idyllic mountains here. Very creative! And pretty effective, too.


 #6 Close Your Eyes!

We don’t really know the reason why these two girls are covering their eyes in this red corridor, and clearly, Lucas didn’t, either. So, what does he do? He incorporates an old, hairy flasher into the scenario, making the reason they don’t want to look perfectly clear. Good job!


 #7 Stonehenge

This one is very creative, and take it from us, we’d never relate the ancient Stonehenge to a game of Jenga – but, of course, Lucas did. Perhaps Stonehenge was just a game being played by the Gods above… who knows, right?!


 #8 You’re Not Alone

This picture is a little bit depressing, what with the lonely guy sitting at the top of the mountain and all, probably thinking about life and all its complexities. So, this giant guy is trying to put an end to his solitude, contemplating flicking him right off. Nice!


 #9 Cleaning Lady

Every summer is the same – beaches in warm countries full of tourists fighting for their rightful place underneath the sun, and Lucas found the perfect way to combat the problem. Hoover them up and make some space! If only this were real.


 #10 Aerial View

This aerial city view is pretty impressive, but this creative artist figured that the picture needed just a little bit more action.


 #11 Museum Sculptures

Just two sculptures in a museum are enough to make our talented illustrator’s imagination go crazy, coming up with a bizarre scene like the one below. How long do you think it takes him to think up these playful characters?


 #12 The Selfie

Some Instagram user posted this picture of a cute and curious squirrel in the park, which was quickly modified by Lucas and his touch of magic.


 #13 The Trap

Okay, so this original picture is pretty weird and creepy. It’s a guy standing motionless on a branch, inviting us to make our own assumptions, most of which would be that it’s a little scary. Lucas’ assumption, however, was that he could turn it into something hilarious. Get down, boy!


 #14 The Bridge

The architecture of this strange bridge is pretty amazing, modern, and different, to say the least. Lucas thought exactly the same, and transformed it into something entirely different altogether. Active imagination, dude!


 #15 Ironing Your Face!

It’s crazy how Lucas can think of the most hilarious scenarios when he sees pictures for the first time. It’s pretty obvious that this dude has an extremely wrinkly face, but the way he’s gone so far as to incorporate a guy with an iron into the picture is hysterical.


 #16 The Eyelash Catcher

The intention of the user who posted this picture was probably to be artistic, but the playful imagination of Lucas saw it as a chance to do this, instead. He-he.


 #17 The Rock Poker

It’s a beautiful sunny day in this park below, and the perfect chance to make fun of this strange rock combination. Lucas decided to incorporate ‘the rock poker’ into the scenario, and it’s actually really effective.


 #18 The Bait

This one just might be one of our favourites. Sure, it’s just a picture of the inside of a freezer, but it was brought straight to life thanks to this talented illustrator. He thought, why not be a little realistic and incorporate a fish finger into the scenario? This is awesome.