This Photo Series Shows Dogs Waiting In The Car, And It’s Simply Brilliant


When he was just 4 years old, the professional photographer Martin Usborne was left alone in the car for around 15 minutes – enough time to make him feel worried and genuinely consider what would happen if his parents never came back. In the head of a child, it’s terrible to think about being left alone forever. But, after some time, his parents returned and saved him from his momentary bad dream. Martin decided to create an amazing photography series, based on this memory and his love for dogs. He created an album of photographs of dogs being left in their owner’s cars, and did a fantastic job at highlighting this loyal pet’s fears and emotions when in this situation. He photographed many patient dogs whilst they waited for their owners inside the car. Some were sad, others were hopeful, and many were a little angry. We sincerely hope you enjoy this.

#1 Hey!


#2 You Will Come Back, Right?!