Before And After Photos That Are Sure To Make You Chuckle


A lot of things can change in any before and after scenario.  Isn’t change such a great thing?  We sure do like it.  Here are some before and after photos that are sure to make you chuckle.

1. Snaggle tooth

This is what money can buy for otherwise good-looking men….teeth that are straight and white.


2. Head and shoulders are a miracle on your hair

Here’s what a good healthy dose of Head and Shoulders can do– even for the creepy girl from the ring.


3. Gentlemen– beware

This is what happens before and after marriage…unless you encourage her to go the gym of course.


4. Ugly kids make ugly men

This before and after is evidence of what happens when nothing changes in your life between the ages of 9 and 29.


5. Walk of shame

You know all women do their best to primp and get themselves looking as good as possible for a big party.  But, at the end, they’re wasted, their makeup is gone and their outfit is a mess.


6. Before and after fitness motivation

Here’s what Americans could look like if they really were trying to eat healthy and workout…right?


7. Best before and after of all time

We aren’t sure what happened to Josh Peck…but we definitely like it.


8. The evolution of cell phones

Cell phones were once colorful, varying, and ranging in size and color.


9. Before and after doggie bath

Look at those sweet fluffy dogs who are so happy to be in the bath.  And, then check them out afterwards as they’re skinny and wet.  At least that wet dog smell is gone!


10. Here’s what working out can do for ya, Shrek

After several months of bodybuilding, you can go from Shrek’s beer belly to muscular Hulk.


11. That moment when you realize just how much Elton John looks like Justin Bieber

Could the Biebs be the next Elton John?  Should we expect a ‘coming out of the closet’ in the next little while?


12. Please have hope for all of humanity

Before and after for Megan Fox teaches us that time is on your side, especially if you’re the awkward ugly duckling as a pre-teen.


13. Our newly white president

Here’s what our dear president looks like before and after taking fair and lovely multi-vitamins.


14. Pooping is quite the process

Beforehand, this baby is feeling the pressure, pushing, grunting and then exhausted after a tough dumping.


15. Watch out for when the claws come out

All those sweet doe-eyed candidates are so kind and promising before the elections.


16. What ugly girls go through every morning

Girls can look pretty good…after going through the process of applying a face each day.


17. The blessing of a good shave

You can go from Llama bear to Taylor Lautner in 2.5 seconds.