30 Photos to Help You Restore Your Faith in Humanity


What with all the wars, crimes and human suffering we see in the news and the internet, it’s quite easy to conclude that we live in a world full of either dumb people or jerks or some combination of the two. But we here at Bored Bug think that there’s no real reason to lose hope in humanity just yet. The reality is that there are still billions of good-hearted people out there who are trying to make the world a better place.

We’ve compiled a selection of photos featuring awesome people doing random acts of kindness to show you that the world we live in may not be that bad after all. Here are 30 photos to help you restore your faith in humanity.

1. These soldiers.

These soldiers

2. This unsung hero.

And this photo of this hero


3.These kids doing random acts of kindness.

And when these kids realized the value of random acts of kindness at a young age