Photos That Will Have You Rolling On The Ground With Laughter


It’s fun to laugh, isn’t it?  You laugh until your sides hurt and then you feel all bubbly inside.  It’s a blissful feeling.  Well, if you’re in need of feeling like that– here you go– 15 photos that will have you rolling on the ground with laughter.  Enjoy!

1. Demon cat

That cat wants you to know exactly who started the fire in the house.  Watch out, Taylor Swift, your cats could be plotting against you!


2. That looks a lot like beef to me

This house cat jumped up into the main seat to take a look at what’s on the menu tonight.  But, instead of being pleased, kitty is none too happy.


3. Who made it?

Is it made by a ho? Or made from scratch?  I guess we’ll never know…nonetheless we’re impressed that a ho has a marketable skill like making apple butter. Wait, is that some kind of sexual term?


4. A food eating contest that lets you eat as much as you want?

That’s most definitely called the holy grail of free food day.  It’s like a buffet up in here.  Take as much as you want!


5. Don’t fart or it’ll explode!

We’re very impressed with the hydraulics and suspension on this bike that’s allowed it to stay afloat for so long with such heavy cargo loading down the back-end.


6. When some hot guy walks past you but you’re on the phone…

Damn.  You better hop up and get yourself a piece of that! Mmm-mmm!


7. No one looks into your eyes

Well, here’s a hint for you…if your ginormous boobs could stay tucked into your shirt, I’m sure people would have a much better time averting their eyes.


8. The day you tell the baby the truth

Yes, little one, we understand.  It’s shocking for all of us.  We will have no idea how that tiny hole got big enough to let you out.


9. When you go outside for your carpool to find this:

Did I just enter the matrix or something like that?  This does not look good…is that dog even licensed to drive legally in this state?


10. When you arrive at the park just after leaving the liquor store

Well, it looks like we’ll be getting very drunk right here at this post.  Who’s with me?


11. When you go a little overboard on a cheat day

People who are way into working out are usually also very strict with their diet.  They will only eat certain things and consider other things that they sneak in to be a ‘cheat meal’.  It looks like this little one had way too much to eat and just passed out.


12. My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

Sad day.  No boys. 


13. Firefighter of grandma’s dreams

This guy should be the poster boy for a firefighter who rescues people.


14. Sibling rivalry

If you squash the favorite child, then you’ll be the favorite child. #winning


15. Watch out for poo…h…

If you’re not a big fan of Pooh bear, then I wouldn’t go outside today.