How Photoshop Changes Our Perception Of Celebrity Photos


Photoshop is this great tool that allows you to enhance or edit photos and make them look better than they really are.  But, this tool can also be used for negative purposes, since it alter the way we view women– women as they age, women with their flaws, and women’s true physical form, both face and body.  Celebrities are among the most targeted for photoshop on otherwise lovely photos.  Here’s how photoshop changes our perception of celebrity photos.

1. Angelina Jolie

The lovely Angelina Jolie doesn’t need her face slimmed, her skin re-touched or her eyes brightened…but that’s what she got anyway.


2. Cameron Diaz

Cameron doesn’t need her hip line erased or her hair and skin brightened.


3. Scarlett Johannson

Scarlett looks amazing without having her makeup done. She doesn’t need the extra glow.


4. Madonna

There’s nothing wrong with aging.  We have no problem with Madonna’s wrinkles and old-looking skin.  But, the media would have us believe that women like Madonna don’t age and certainly don’t get wrinkles. 


5. Adriana Lima

We love Adriana’s strong brows and round cheeks and see no reason to trim those down or brighten her already-blue eyes.


6. Britney Spears

Look, even Britney’s photos for her album cover aren’t perfect!  She’s got bags under her eyes and wrinkles in her cheeks.  But her album cover photo looks totally flawless.


7. Lindsey Lohan

The second photo of Lindsey looks fake after seeing the first one. She’s a redhead, so that means she’s got freckles.  She’s got a confused look on her face and erasing her face lines just makes her look less human…


8. Shakira

Ok, we’ll say this.  Shakira is stunning and doesn’t need any help with more makeup or tamed hair.  She looks great as is– why not leave her alone?


9. Kim Kardashian

So, there’s not too much done to Kim’s face here...but check out her bod.  Her arms and waist are trimmed to look slimmer and her cellulite, legs, and hips are scaled down to look smoother.  But what’s wrong with her original photo?  Absolutely nothing.


10. Britney Spears again

Britney is a stunner, that’s for sure.  And she doesn’t need her thighs slimmer or her waist trimmed to look great.  We wish they would just leave her as is.


11. Penelope Cruz

Those natural face lines make me feel better about how my face looks after applying makeup.  Photoshop makes her skin look flawless– and unattainable.


12. Mariah Carey

Queen Mariah does not need photoshop to glam her up.  So, she’s not perfect.  Great.  That’s a good thing for all women to see.  I mean, heaven forbid we see a woman as she really is, right? Ugh.


13. Faith Hill

Faith is beautiful, face lines, bags under eyes, freckles and all.  Why does her already thin arm need to be slimmed?  Why do the bags and smile lines need to disappear?


14. Jennifer Lawrence

Ok, we love J-Law.  She’s up front and outspoken about her body and absolutely detests photoshop.  She’s not the skinniest girl and she proves that is a great thing!  There is nothing wrong with her stomach and thighs just the way they are.


15. Katie Couric

This seasoned journalist doesn’t need to lose 10 lbs on camera.  Nobody is thinking that she’s fat…so, why change her at all?  We really don’t know….