Pictures Of Symmetric Plants That People With OCD Won’t Stop Looking At


After we showed you guys the 30 Pictures That Perfectionists With OCD Will Absolutely Adore, the time has come to make your obsessive-compulsive feelings go crazy again each time you look at one of these plants below. These plants are simply perfect and are full of perfect synchrony and carefully positioned colors to make your perfectionist brain explode with inspiration. Here is a selection of the best pictures of symmetric plants that people with OCD won’t stop looking at. Are you ready? Enjoy!

#1 Fractal Cabbage

If you really want to activate your OCD like crazy, just cut a red fractal cabbage in half, and look at what you get. It’s a neat, complex pattern that will fill you with all the best sensations.


#2 Ludwigia Sedioides

The Ludwigia Sedioides, also known as “Mosaic Flower”, is a herbaceous perennial plant. It has yellow flowers that bloom from June to August. The Ludwigia Sediodes is a native plant from Brazil and Venezuela, and grows in wet, swampy locations.


#3 Romanesco Brocolli

Romanesco broccoli, or simply “Romanesco” was first documented in Italy, and grabs people’s attention because of its delicate fractal form and eye-catching light green color. This is perfect to activate even your most sensitive OCD senses!


#4 Dahlia

A dahlia is a type of flower that originates in Mexico. Among 42 different types of the flower, the dahlia below has the power to impress us because of its incredibly delicate form. How perfect can this get?!


#5 Crassula ‘Buddha’s Temple’ Plant

The Crassula ‘Buddha’s Temple’ plant is a very interesting and succulent one. It can grow up to around 6 inches tall, and its leaves are stacked tightly and fold up at the edges, forming a perfect square column. This kind of synchrony just amazes us.


#6 Succulent Plants

Succulent Plants, which are also known as “Fat Plants”, are plants which, in some parts, are usually thickened and fleshy in order to retain waiter in arid climates. We have one word for this, and one word only – WOW.


#7 Spiraling Succulents

Here’s another species of Succulent Plant that can totally fill us with joy. Just look at its beautiful and synchronous format!


#8 Sunflower

When we look carefully at this beautiful sunflower, we can see its magnificent forms that activate our brain, and give those with slight obsessive-compulsive tendencies a unique sense of pleasure.


#9 Flowers Like Jewelled Carpets

How incredible is nature when it creates stunning scenes like the one we can see below? Not only is this flower pretty different and unusual, but it’s perfectly positioned to give us some pretty good sensations.


#10 Pelecyphora Aselliformis

This beautiful plant, which derives from the cactus family, can grow up to 10cm in height. However, it’s not the height that impresses us – it’s the beautiful and unique format of this stunning piece of nature that really takes our breath away.


#11 Amazon Lily Pad

This beautiful plant, also known as a “Victoria”, is a water-lily ‘genius’ in the plant family, and has a leaf that can grow up to 3 meters. The Amazon Lily Pad is found in the Amazon River and other regions in South America.

OCDplantPictures13 OCDplantPictures13-1

#12 Hoya Aldrichii

Hoya Aldrichii is also known as the “Christmas Island Waxvine”. It is a vine that is endemic to Christmas Island, an Australian territory in the north-eastern Indian Ocean. It’s crazy how beautiful and perfect these little flowers look.


#13 Drosophyllum Lusitanicum

Don’t be cheated by this beautiful and innocent picture – the “Drosophyllum Lusitanicum” is a carnivorous plant, and is considered to be one of the most successful insectivorous in the world. Her ability to attract, capture and consume large amounts of insects using an extremely effective passive trapping method is incredible.


#14 Camelia

“Camelia” is a beautiful and unique kind of flower that can be found in eastern and southern Asia, from the Himalayas to Japan and Indonesia, and impresses everyone with its amazing and rare appearance.


#15 Thinking Cactus

Here’s a very rare type of cactus that impresses us with its unusual format that is pretty similar to that of a brain. Yep, you guessed it – this is why it has the name “Thinking Cactus”. Interesting stuff!


#16 Viola Sacculus

Here’s yet another beautiful example of a flower that grabs our attention with its closely intricate leaves and dark pinkish design. We would love to have this in our garden!


#17 Lobelia

And how about this amazing and complex format of leaves? We’re pretty sure this one was designed for those with obsessive-compulsive tendencies around the world.


#18 Leaf Ladder

Check out how accurate the position of these symmetric leaves is. Mother Nature – thank you for giving us so many natural masterpieces to marvel at.