Pictures Taken After The Earthquake In Nepal That Will Comfort Your Heart


The whole world sadly watched the earthquake that devastated the beautiful cities, towns and villages of Nepal last week. The tremor hit 7.8 on the Richter scale, and created a series of chaos and deaths. Until now, more than 7,000 deaths have been confirmed, and there are thousands more with serious injuries and even more thousands missing. But, despite this terrible tragedy, some signs of compassion and hope have arisen in the rubble, and has brought some peace to the people in Nepal to start reconstructing their lives. Anonymous heroes have been helping to search for survivors, caring for one another, collecting donations, and providing a shoulder to comfort their friends, family and even strangers. The earthquake broke structures, but not the humanity and compassion of all these brave people who are already beginning to rebuild Nepal. So, if you’d like to help in some small way, you can access the website of or Unicef to make your donation and ease the pain of these people. We are with you, Nepal!

#1 Praying For Nepal

Here’s some students and community members in Chandigarh, India, saying a prayer vigil with candlelight for all the victims in Nepal. It doesn’t seem like much, but even a small amount of positive energy in a situation like this is essential.