Pictures That Will Give You Absolute Closet Envy


These pictures are guaranteed to give you some serious closet envy!  If you want to start small, check out these tips to shop your closet.

#1 Feminine Elegance

Did we just hear a collective gasp from this beautiful dressing room?  We never thought of putting a chandelier in our own closet, but this picture sure does convince us!  Also, take a look at the lush chair and brightly colored antique table.

Feminine Elegance

#2 Mod’s the Word

Channel your inner 1960s babe with these black and white funky floors and actually, black and white interiors!

Mod's the Word

#3 Intricate Gold and White

While the gold and white lends opulence to the closet, the gorgeous light blue tones from the seating gives this closet a refreshing twist.

Intricate Gold and White

#4 Dark and Modern

The transparency of the closets and the dark color of the wood makes this closet perfect for the more serious, fashionable types.

Dark and Modern

#5 Whimsically Surreal

If you like feeling a bit fantastical while dressing up, this whimsical and surreal closet is just for you!

Whimsical and Surreal

#6 Grand and Gold

What makes this closet truly grand are the mirrored closets, not to mention the wood’s golden tone.  Did you also notice the cute polka-dot carpeting?

Grand and Gold

#7 Minimalist’s Dream

Sometimes we don’t need a big and awesome closet to elicit envy.  Sometimes you need something minimalist.  Check this out—they even blended it with the study!  This is just the perfect setting for these inspirational and beautiful minimalist fashion.

Minimalist's Dream

#8 Streamlined White

If you want your closets to look clean and modern, just drool at this spacious and streamlined closet.

Streamlined White

#9 Pop of Pink

Bucking the typical whites and browns, what gives this closet an edge is the lovely pink carpeting.  Definitely for that girly girl!

Pop of Pink

#10 Mirrored…Everything

This closet perfectly screams exclusivity with everything absolutely mirrored.  We must admit, this space would be extremely easy to clean!


#11 Peach Paradise

Not for the faint of heart, this closet is not only for the feminine, but also for those who love the beach!

Peach Paradise

#12 Lit from Within

The blue-white light inside the closets isn’t just pretty, but functional (so you can see your stuff, of course).

Lit from Within

#13 Safari Style

If you’re a fan of the safari, you’ll feel right at home inside this walk-in closet.  Note the details from the curtains, chandelier, carpet, and other furnishings.

Safari Style

#14 Smooth and Manly

Fancy closets aren’t just for the ladies!  This closet proves just that.  We think it’s all the blacks, grays, and deep brown tones.

Smooth and Manly

#15 Closet with a View

Oddly enough, the star of this picture is the view.  In this case, closet works around the picturesque floor to ceiling view of beautiful nature.

Closet with a View