Pinterest Fails: Summer Edition


It’s always fun to have a look at all the little arts and crafts that people try to replicate and inevitably screw up royally.  Since it’s nice and hot outside now, we thought we’d give you some nice “nailed it” fails.   These are Pinterest fails: summer edition.

1. It’s almost shark week

We love these shark-themed cupcakes– they’re just perfect for a birthday party.  Unless you’re serving the ones in the photo in the bottom.  In that case your guests will run screaming from the table as if they had seen a real shark.


2. Melted crayon art

This is a fun way to get a colorful rainbow onto a canvas.  As the crayons melt, they should drip color down the canvas.  It looks like duct tape could help this job out.


3. Ice cream cone cupcakes

Everybody loves a good ice cream cone in the summer…especially one that’s actually a cupcake.  Yum! Unless you serve little burned cupcakes that came up and over the top of the cone…


4. Chocolate covered kiwi popsicle

This looks and sounds delicious and easy.  But, apparently, it’s not as simple as it looks. 


5. String art balloons

You’re supposed to wrap wet strings around a balloon and then pop the balloon after it dries.  But, I guess this trick doesn’t work every time.


6. DIY stepping stones

This should be a fun and easy way to make some memories with your kids and make something pretty for the garden.  But, we can see that things don’t always turn out the way they should.


7. Watermelon shark

This watermelon cut to look like a shark is the coolest thing we’ve seen all summer.  Too bad the replica doesn’t match the original.


8. DIY short shorts

Lesson learned: if you cut them too short, you’ll end up with a string between your cheeks and pants gone to waste.


9. Minion cake

Minions are all the rage these days.  The cake on top is the cutest!  But the one on the bottom…is actually kinda creepy.  What went wrong?


10. Sensory bottles

Fill bottles with different items in water that will float, sparkle or move and kids will be fascinated by them.  Unless all the stuff you put in there gets stuck at the bottom.  Then you’re left with a bottle with crap at the bottom.


11. Summer classic hair flip

This is tricky to master the timing and casual look of this hair flip.  It was probably taken by a professional and rest of us amateurs just can’t measure up.


12. Glitter keys

Looks so easy, right?  Well just make sure your glitter isn’t rubbing off all over the place after one day.


13. DIY shoes

It can look so easy…but it’s really not.


14. Squash chips

A healthy way to eat chips…that is, until you burn them and then go buy a bag of Lay’s to compensate.


15. Strawberry shortcakes

It looks like the strawberry is supposed to go inside the cupcake, not crush it into oblivion.