The Pizza Experiment And A Homeless Man’s Emotional Reaction Will Amaze You


Isn’t it funny how some people can be more giving and generous than others, even when they have nothing left? Isn’t it strange how it seems to be the people who have everything who are the most greedy? Well, that’s exactly what this viral video, created by the team at OckTV, decided to prove to the entire Internet when they came up with this ground breaking experiment. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?


 #1 The Concept

The whole concept of the video was to use different guys from OckTV to walk around a big city and find people sitting around, enjoying a bite to eat, and essentially, ask politely if they could have a little bit, because “they were hungry”.


#2 The Reactions

The first three people that were asked to share their pizza refused, a couple of them even being completely rude and using profane language to shoo the guys away. “I worked for this,” one of them states, which we do slightly understand. In this day and age, many people are protective of what is theirs, simply because they worked so hard for it, perhaps earning next to nothing in the process. When we think about this, the guy then goes on to call him “white trash”. Nice, right? On the second attempt, the man eating his lunch comes across as much more polite, calm, and composed. The third attempt, on the other hand, was a disaster. You’ll see.


#3 The Breakthrough

After three unsuccessful attempts, the team from OckTV go on to give a homeless man a box of pizza, out of pure generosity and nothing else. The poor guy is so grateful, and even us viewers can sense nothing more than complete kindness and tenderness from him, despite his tragic situation. When one of the team members approaches him 20 minutes later to ask for a slice of pizza, the man offers it to him without thinking twice… definitely a little different to the other reactions of people. And, it’s good that he did offer him a slice, because he’ll never forget the generous tip he received from doing so.



#4 The Video

And finally, here it is. Just remember – happiness is to give, and to think of others before yourself. Don’t ever forget this.