How Polite Are You? 15 Unspoken Rules Of Courtesy


Times are changing. A lot of the rules in our society, that were once very rigid, are now something that we hardly pay heed to. But while some rules and regulations, on what might be considered as good behavior, are obsolete now; there still exists a whole bunch of unspoken rule that one should follow.   These are rules that have a lot to do with commitment, gratitude, privacy and general courtesy. Here are 15 unspoken rules of courtesy that everyone should adhere to.

1. Fill up the tank

It’s the decent thing to do if you have to borrow a car.  They’re letting you cruise around in their car that costs a lot of money and you’re adding to the mileage and wear and tear of the vehicle.  The least you can do is stop by a gas pump and fill ‘er up.

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2. No smoking sign

If you’re a smoker, look around you at the reactions of other before continuing to smoke.  Some people have a hard time breathing second-hand smoke, and you should be especially careful around babies and small children.  You should either throw those cigarettes away or move somewhere else if people are uncomfortable. 

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3. Pay them back

By returning the favor promptly, people will remember your act of kindness and be more likely to help you out in the future.  A week is long enough for a break but soon enough that you get to get together again.

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4. Help around the house

Offering pizza or spaghetti as payment for help with housework, yard work, moving work or anything else that is long and tiresome, is the least you can do for your friends.  Plus, no one will turn down hot pizza!

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5. Pay it back

Though you may have other loans with interest rates, pay back borrowed money from others first.  If it’s a small amount, chances are, the more time passes, the sooner you’ll forget.  And if it’s a large sum of money, never assume they don’t need the money.

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6. Make the bed

Someone just let you stay in their home overnight, couldn’t you be a kind citizen and make the bed?  Or if you were sleeping on a couch or a cot, fold the blankets up all nicely.

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7. Go somewhere else

No one else wants to hear your fight.  Actually, people don’t even want to hear arguing in public.  It makes them uncomfortable and plus, it’s rude.  Either come to a solution or go somewhere else to argue.  No one wants to hear you.

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8. Offer to clean

Your host will most likely reject your offer to clean, but the least you can do is help clear the table and chat with them while they are tidying up.  Offer to help in any capacity they might need.

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9. Listening to things in public

Just like with arguing, people don’t want to hear your media.  Kids playing loud games can quickly become very obnoxious to someone else who is trying to read or relax. Put headphone on or turn it down.

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10. Speaker phone is meant for multiple people

Speaker phone is annoying in public because other people don’t want to hear your private conversation.  It can also be rude to the person calling because it’s harder to hear the person you are talking to when they put you on speaker phone.

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11. Leave the last piece

Don’t eat every single thing in front of you without consulting those around you first.

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12. Don’t break up over text

Yes, this is just plain rude and cowardly.  Don’t do it.

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13. Don’t look at other’s people private things

I mean, this is basic privacy 101.

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14. Send a message

People want to know that their call actually meant something to you.  If you miss a call, send a message as soon as you can.

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15. Return borrowed books

If you borrowed it, bring it back.  It’s as simple as that.  People won’t let you borrow their things if you have a history of not returning them.

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