Fun Masterpieces: 40 Pop Culture Icons In Thrift Store Paintings


Dave Pollot, a software engineer/artist from New York, has truly shown us that another man’s junk is another man’s treasure by breathing new life into those boring and discarded paintings we usually see at thrift store shops. What this artist does is add a modern twist into these uninteresting works of art by putting well-known pop culture icons into them, resulting into fun masterpieces.

The idea first came to him when he and his girlfriend were joking about putting some funny objects into those thrift store landscape paintings. Mr. Pollot has since painted more than 50 repurposed thrift art and prints, enhanced with parodies of Futurama, Star Wars, Dr. Who and other pop culture icons.

1. Doctor Who Cyberman Parody Painting, ‘The Loneliest Number’

Doctor Who Cyberman Parody Painting, 'The Loneliest Number'

2. Doctor Who Parody, ‘TARDIS’

Doctor Who Parody, 'TARDIS'

3. Firefly Serenity Parody, ‘Earth That Was’

Firefly Serenity Parody, 'Earth That Was'

4. Flying Spaghetti Monster Parody Painting, ‘Al Dente’

Flying Spaghetti Monster Parody Painting, 'Al Dente'