Problems People Who Are Constantly Hungry Have To Deal With


Are you hungry all the time?  Do you sit and wait impatiently for your next meal time, all the while snacking on unhealthy foods and drinking soda?  Do you wish you could diet but know you could never deprave yourself of all the delicious things you love to eat? Well, if you’ve got issues with those things, you are a person who is always hungry.  Here’s a list of problems people who are constantly hungry have to deal with.

1. Your stomach is constantly rumbling

You try to conceal it from those around but its to no avail.  Your tummy will rumble no matter what you do– unless you feed it.


2. Even when you’re not eating, you’re wishing you were eating

If only I could be pigging out right now, that’s what would make me truly happy.


3. You spend most of the day daydreaming about all the delicious kinds of food you want to have

Pizza, ice cream, tacos, chips, pasta…the list goes on and on. But daydreaming about food only makes my mouth water and my tummy rumble even louder.


4. Hangry is a real emotion for you

And people better watch out if you’re feeling hangry– it is not a good thing.  It means, ‘feed me now.’


5. You’re always counting down the time until the next meal

Only 1 hour, 46 minutes and 53 seconds to lunch….but it’s not like I’m actually watching the clock.


6. Going out to eat is your favorite thing to do

Mostly because you love food and you love not making food even more.  What you don’t love is going broke.


7. When you go out to drink with your friends, you just want to know where you’re going to go to pig out afterwards

I mean, the food is the most important part of the night, right?  Who needs a hangover when you can have a food baby?


8. You hate waiting for food to be delivered to your table

It seems like an eternity and every waiter that walks by with food on their arm makes you start to salivate.


9. When you’re watching someone else enjoy a meal and you’re starving

You feel like your life is going to end at any second.


10. When you’re eating like you’ve literally been starving

You eat like there’s no tomorrow.  I mean, there could really be no tomorrow…so I’m going to enjoy the food I love to eat today!


11. You hate having conversations over a meal because it means you have to talk

You’d really rather concentrate on your food, is that ok with everyone?


12. Breakfast is the best start to your day

Coffee doesn’t do much for you.  You’re much more in need of some good food.


13. The time before lunch is your death march each day

Why does the hour between 11 and noon move so awfully quickly.


14. You like food more than you like people

Eating is something I do every day on a regular basis.


15. You have no shame in asking people if they’re going to finish their food

I mean, it’s food!  And if they’re not going to eat it, then you definitely are.