Problems People Who Laugh Too Much Have To Deal With


Are you one of those people who, once you start laughing, you won’t be stopping any time soon?  If so, we feel your pain.  Chronic laugh-mongers are always the first to start laughing, the loudest chucklers and they last the longest while laughing.  But, things aren’t always so funny.  Sometimes, you face some issues with your incessant laughter.  Here are 15 problems people who laugh too much have to deal with.

1. Your friends think they’re funnier than they really are

Your constant laughter makes your friends think that their jokes are actually funny.


2. You laugh too long and hard during movies

You catch people turning around in their seats to catch a glimpse of you, your head thrown back in laughter.


3. Tears fill your eyes when you laugh, no matter what you do

You just wipe and keep on laughing and wiping, laughing and wiping.


4. That moment when you finally stop laughing and then crack right back up again

It’s just so hard to stop!


5. When you laugh out loud to a joke inside your head

People have no clue why you’re laughing, but hey, you think it’s pretty dang funny.


6. People ask you if you’re high because you laugh so much

You’re not, you just like to giggle a lot.


7. When your teacher gets mad at you for laughing too much

It’s not her fault you thought she farted and you laughed until you cried.  Then you got detention but you giggled your way through it as you thought about your teacher farting again.


8. That moment when you realize that laughing is as good as an ab workout

Do your abs ever hurt after laughing for a long time?  Don’t worry– you’re just working out those muscles.  It’s the easiest workout you’ll ever do!


9. You always find the most inappropriate moments to start laughing

People shoot you glances that tell you to cut it out…but you just can’t. Life is short and it’s funny– go ahead and laugh.


10. The guilty feeling of laughing about a joke between you and a friend

No one else understands what you two are laughing about…and it just feels oh-so good.  You do feel bad for the people who get left out. 


11. You know your favorite emoji

It’s the laughing one with tears coming out of his eyes…I mean, that’s you, like every single day of your life.


12. You send text messages that are just full of “hahahahahhahahhahaha”

It’s not even a weird thing now, that’s just how you text. I mean, that’s what you’re doing, so you might as well text that to people.


13. You constantly find yourself laughing at things no one else finds funny

You can’t help that life is just so gosh darn funny.  I can’t help but break out in giggles all the time.


14. People tell you they can hear you laughing from a room away

When you laugh, you do it loudly.  People that don’t like hearing it can just go jump off a bridge.


15. People like to laugh at the way you laugh

Hey, as long as I’m not laughing by myself, I’ve got no problem with that.  Laughter’s the best kind of medicine!