Psychologically-Proven Ways To Attract Your Guy


If you have that guy you like but can’t seem get close to, try out these psychologically proven tips.  Here are a couple of simple ways to attract your guy that go a long way to ignite that spark.  If you like this post, try reading about these scientific facts of attraction.

#1 Strut your stuff.

Think like your walking just like a model.  Strutting is kind of like wordless flirting.  So sway your hips when you walk and men will likely notice you.  Try to extend your legs a bit further and add a swing to your hips to make for a gorgeous strut!

Strut your stuff.

#2 Choose a place with dim lighting.

We’re not telling you to walk around with your very own lighting.  Instead, choose dimly lit places.  Dimly lit areas dilate your pupils that automatically open and close with lighting changes.  Studies have shown that men rated women more attractive in pictures whenever their eyes were dilated.  So when you’re going out on a date, choose dim lighting to look more attractive!

Choose a place with dim lighting.