Psychologically-Proven Ways To Attract Your Guy


If you have that guy you like but can’t seem get close to, try out these psychologically proven tips.  Here are a couple of simple ways to attract your guy that go a long way to ignite that spark.  If you like this post, try reading about these scientific facts of attraction.

#1 Strut your stuff.

Think like your walking just like a model.  Strutting is kind of like wordless flirting.  So sway your hips when you walk and men will likely notice you.  Try to extend your legs a bit further and add a swing to your hips to make for a gorgeous strut!

Strut your stuff.

#2 Choose a place with dim lighting.

We’re not telling you to walk around with your very own lighting.  Instead, choose dimly lit places.  Dimly lit areas dilate your pupils that automatically open and close with lighting changes.  Studies have shown that men rated women more attractive in pictures whenever their eyes were dilated.  So when you’re going out on a date, choose dim lighting to look more attractive!

Choose a place with dim lighting.

#3 Lean towards him.

Body language is really important in shaping the way he perceives you.  To signal to him that you are attracted and interested, lean forward, with your body towards him, giving him your undivided attention.

Lean towards him.

#4 Stay to his left.

Does this sound odd?  Well, your left side is connected to your right brain, which deals with beauty and emotions.  So, if you stay at his left and talk to his left ear, you appeal more to the right side of his brain, making him more emotionally stimulated whenever you speak.

Stay to his left.

#5 Give him some eye contact and smile.

We all know eye contact is great in increasing attraction.  But if you pair eye contact with a smile, it will increase the effect.  Based on a study from the University of Missouri, a woman who gave men eye contact was only approached 20% of the time, while the eye contact and smile combined was approached 60% of the time!

Give him some eye contact and smile.

#6 Use that perfume to your advantage.

Perfume can help you be more unforgettable.  Make sure to always wear your signature scent, so whenever he smells that perfume somewhere else, he will remember you.

Use that perfume to your advantage.

#7 Mirror his actions.

A study states that when you mimic a person’s gestures, you can increase the interest of that person in you.  Intentionally mirroring someone has a subconscious effect.  Although we don’t mean to say you have to copy everything he does, just sip your drink when he does and cross your arms when he does.

Mirror his actions.

#8 Get glowing skin.

Men are attracted to women with glowing and gorgeous skin.  To do this, drink lots of water, increase your fruits and vegetables intake, and even take vitamins.  This would be great for your overall well-being!

Get glowing skin.

#9 Meet on a sunny and bright day.

Warm weather stimulates the body to produce endorphins, making you happy.  If you meet on a sunny day, he can connect that happiness to you.  This means you will enjoy your time together more, since you are both in a happier mood.

Meet on a sunny and bright day.

#10 Take on a higher pitch.

You can’t really change your voice, but you can make it higher or lower as needed.  Men are typically attracted to women that have high-pitched, lilting voices because they sound musical and feminine.  So try sounding a bit girly and sweet when you’re talking to a guy you want to attract.

Take on a higher pitch.

#11 Wear red.

Men love women in red!  Although wearing red won’t make him love your personality, it can catch his eye and draw him towards you.

Wear red.

#12 Touch him.

Giving him a gentle touch can make your guy feel comfortable with flirting or asking you out.

Touch him.

#13 Giggle.

Do not constantly giggle—it can be annoying.  Just appropriately laugh at his jokes to encourage him.


#14 Tone those arms.

Guys are known to be attracted to tall women.  We all assume it’s because of the long legs.  But recently, a study showed that men are psychologically attracted to women with sexy arms.

Tone those arms.

#15 Be interesting.

Sure, all of the things described above can attract a guy to you, but there should be something under the surface.  So be interesting and relevant so you can hold a good conversation.  If you get a guy solely because of how you look, you probably don’t want him anyway.

Be interesting.