The Most Public Break-Ups In Facebook History


These public break-ups in Facebook are like train wrecks.  You don’t want to look, but something just pulls you in.  Maybe they’re also a result of people caught cheating on Facebook.

#1 Not So Permanent Love

This poor girl learned the hard way that unlike tattoos, some relationships just aren’t as permanent.

Not So Permanent Love

#2 The Male Chauvinist

Be very careful of what you post, you may never know where it might lead you, as evident in this immediate Facebook break-up.

The Male Chauvinist

#3 Epic Meltdown

This Facebook conversation just kept on getting worse and worse…or should we say, weirder and weirder…

Epic Meltdown

#4 The Airing of Dirty Laundry…and Insults

We must say, Bianca is good with the zingers!  We wouldn’t want to be on her bad side!

Airing of Dirty Laundry...and Insults

#5 From Engagement to Disengagement

Seems like Kevin has his friends to get him through this break-up.

From Engagement to Disengagement

#6 Taking the High Road

We’re surprised not more people liked this post of Natalie taking the high road.

Taking the High Road

#7 The Other Girlfriend

So besides cheating on his girlfriend, this guy is also stupid enough to leave his phone lying around.

The Other Girlfriend

#8 Caught in a Lie

If you’re going to publicize your relationship status, make sure to block your soon-to-be ex first.

Caught in a Lie

#9 Ready for Backlash

Get ready for some serious backlash if you’re going to do something like this…

Ready for Backlash

#10 Caught Red-Handed

In fairness, Sable still has a great sense of humor!  Nevertheless, goodbye Nour!

Caught Red-Handed

#11 Double Standards

Cassidy was caught in her own game.  Too bad she didn’t come up with better zingers at the end…

Double Standards

#12 The Impatient Lover

We think, we think Patrick is dodging Sherri.  Took her a while to figure it out, though.

The Impatient Lover

#13 Understandable Miscommunication

So who’s really the loser here, Jason or Amy?

Understandable Miscommunication

#14 The Last to Know

How could you do that to Emily, Johnnie?!?

The Last to Know

#15 Call, Don’t Post

Even better yet, Mahlyenki could’ve just texted.  Although, this could be said for the others as well…

Call, Don't Post