Pure Bouquet Toss Madness That Will Make You Want To Go To A Wedding


The classic wedding bouquet toss…it’s a tradition that many look forward to at a wedding, especially the single gals.  An old saying claims that the woman who catches the bouquet will be the next to get married. All the girls gather around and leap, push, pull and do anything and everything they can to catch the bouquet.  Look at this pure bouquet toss madness that will make you want to go to a wedding .  You won’t be disappointed.

 1. This is what you picture for the ideal bridal bouquet toss:

a bunch of pretty girls lined up nicely and one will neatly catch the bouquet and everyone smiles.  Cute, right?  Except that’s not what happens every time…


2. Bouquet catching is hard work

You’ve got to put out real effort to be the one to catch that sucker.  You better jump up there and get the bouquet first.  You know you want it…you’re so done with being single.