Quick And Simple Christmas Decor For Your Home


Are you looking for some easy ways to spice up the Christmas decorations around your house?  Here are tips and tricks and turn drab into fab home decor for the holidays.  This is quick and simple Christmas decor for your home.

1. Christmas sign

Make a simple Christmas sign with colored paper, burlap, string, paint and clothespins– most of those items should be easy to find around your house!  Hang anywhere.


2. Sock snowman

Fill a sock with rice and decorate your new in-house snowman!


3. Easy holiday bottles

Paint and add letters to old bottles or jars and fill with baubles and balls.


4. Show your sweet side

Buy holiday-colored candies to quickly add color to your kitchen


5. Wire tree

Wind wire around anything shaped like a Christmas tree to make your own handmade wire tree


6. Stockings in the bathroom

Add stockings and green garland to the bathroom to spread Christmas cheer all throughout the house


7. Use what you’ve got

Use glass balls, pine cones, and green garland to make a pretty and simple centerpiece


8. Wooden Christmas tree

Use wooden rounds and tea lights to create your own tree outline on the wall.


9. Hang ornaments on the wall

You can hang ornaments on more than just the tree.  String them on a ribbon and hang them on a wall for a pretty effect.


10. Cheery holiday stairwell

Wrap boxes or even gifts and place them going up the staircase for a great look near your entryway.


11.  Easy ornament decor

Place ornaments or glass balls in varying colors in glass vases for a pretty and organized look.


12. Boughs of holly

Bring the Christmas cheer into your bedroom with lights and green garland around your bed or photos.


13. Simple trick

When placing decor in glass vases, use an old toilet paper roll to save space and use fewer ornaments to fill it up.


14. Easy ornaments

Let the kids make ornaments from glue and pasta noodles– then spray paint them gold or silver.



15. Hang a holly jolly wreath

Add ornaments to a wreath to make it look even more festive.