The Quirky and Amazing Chalk Art of David Zinn


David Zinn is a self-taught Michigan-based artist who creates original and fun artwork around his hometown in Ann Arbor since 2001. Using only chalk and charcoal, David’s improvised-on-location and self-proclaimed “pointless” art has been serving various types of clients, from small establishments to entire municipalities. Two of his most recognizable creations are Sluggo, a green slug-like creature and Philomena, a flying pig.

According to Zinn, he prefers locations that are often ignored and unimpressive-looking like wall cracks, curbs and pipes. This amazing artist uses a playful trompe-l’œil effect that makes use of the surrounding objects to make his lovable creatures look like as if they are coming to life. Check out some of this amazing artist’s craziest artworks below.

1. Anybody there?

Anybody there

2. Campus Life

Campus Life

3. Carl always sings as if no one is listening.

Carl always sings as if no one is listening