Random Dude Photoshops Himself to Celebrities!


Everyone of us had dreamed at least once of having a picture with our favorite celebrity. We’ll even try to elbow our way through packed arenas and crowds just to get that one picture we solely wanted. But there’s one guy who has it all figured out- and he doesn’t even have to leave the comfort of his own home! Meet Patrick Thorendahl, better known as simply Peeje T. While most of us try to silently stalk our favorite celebrity just to catch a glimpse of their high life, this guy cozies up next to them however he pleases- through the use of Photoshop of course. From the Kimye couple up to the Black Mamba himself, Peeje puts himself in varying situations, and he prefers it if it’s awkward! Read on (and possibly become jealous!) on how this guy manage to get to hang out with the coolest stars you can only imagine!


You can also check out his instagram for more Photoshopped celebrities: peejet


1. “Chillin’ in the bath with B.I.C.”