Rare Vintage Pictures of Celebrities Taken by Julian Wasser


The incredible photographer Julian Wasser started his career in the Washington DC bureau of the Associated Press, but it was after serving in the Navy in San Diego that the former AP copyboy became a contract photographer for Time Magazine in Los Angeles. His iconic photographs have appeared in and been used as covers of Time, Newsweek, and People magazines in the United States. With his Nikon in tow, Wasser was given unprecedented access to actors, musicians, politicians, and writers, always capturing beautiful pictures with an amazing personal touch, in which we see not only a relaxed and calm Hollywood, but also America during a difficult cultural and political transition. Here’s a beautiful selection of 30 amazingly rare and vintage photographs of celebrities taken by he talented Julian Wasser.

#1 Vintage Pictures Taken by Julian Wasser

The Jackson Five


#2 Vintage Pictures Taken by Julian Wasser

Ava Cadell